Thursday, October 20, 2016

Well let's get started with this simple line of text, everything from this point on is theory. Nothing in this article is fact. Do not take this as fact, do not claim me as a source of proof.. 

The Idea.

So with the election coming up and the conflict with Russia seeming to be more and more in the media then ever before I have been thinking about a guy I read about John Titor.

John Titor claimed to be a "time traveler", but from my understanding he was more of a "dimension jumper".  For this to be true the multi-universe theory would have to be true. He claims he came from an alternate timeline from the year 3036 (I believe that's the date). In his time his United States became a power house who didn't have the best interest of freedom and it's people.

So a rebellion broke out, a civil war starts. 

From this civil war the rebels where born, they where fighting for the "people" against a corrupt government. Isn't this the age old tale of every nation everywhere at one point and time? Well here's where it gets interesting, in 2005 the war started the fighting broke out all over the nation, obviously this didn't happen in our timeline. But that's what is considered a variant, something that isn't the same.
So on with the tale, the United States was part of a thing called United Federation Empire. Could this be the "UN" of our timeline? I've noticed our military bases fly the UN flag now.

Here Comes The End

So as the story goes in 2015 Russia steps in. It uses tactical nukes and strikes key points destroying the "evil" empire. America has to rebuild and the rebels look at this as a helpful attack from Russia. Other things that where destroyed where the European Union, can anyone say the brexit of our time?
China was also destroyed, Russia became the biggest trade partner of the New America.

Could This Be Happening Now? 

With how Putin see's Hillary could this war be in our future? No citizen is truly happy with the choices we have for our commander and chief. With Wikileaks coming into the light of mainstream media and under attack because the truth must be silenced. Could this be it? Could the people start to rebel?
With Trump's stance could we become close to Russia, just to turn on them? Could Putin get sick of Trumps arrogance and come to the peoples aid?
I guess only time will tell.


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