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Oh well this was ages ago but I got the new ps3 and it broke in less then 2 days also took it to a gamestop they traded me.. I then traded that console (which had issues) to a third game store that wasn't gamestop for credits towards a ps4. They also gave me 30 usd credit after I filed with the BBB. But I will never buy from them again. What a joke. Three consoles dead in less then a month.

I'm told they will speed up my replacement. But then get this a day later...

Cesar P.:  Welcome to GameStop Customer Care! My name is Cesar P.. How may I assist you today?
Cykka Tronic:  Cesar I would like a number for a call center manger (not just a floor supervisor)
Cesar P.:  I apologize, but unfortunately we are unable to provide any corporate number. What is the issue?
Cykka Tronic:  I got a broken ps3, they sent the return label the supervisor marcus said once the item has shipped the replacement would begin being shipped. Mind you I paid over night shipping, but the return was 5 day ground.. so I'm going to be out a ps3 for over a week by the the time it comes.
Cykka Tronic:  I was also told by a man during a email that he would speed things up, next thing I know someone else is messaging me because I assume he went on his weekend saying nothing can be done. If you can't supply with a corporate number I'll just have to call every number I find on the gamestop site till someone will because it seems no one in the support center can keep there story straight and can offer nothing to make this better.
Cesar P.:  I see!
Cykka Tronic:  I had my ps3 for 2 days before it broke and I had to send it back so I'm not very happy with this.
Cesar P.:  I understand your frustration on this matter as you were expecting the best out of our products. Unfortunately since the game system came in defective, there is a process to be followed and we eventually need to comply with all the time frames for the replacement to be fulfilled without a problem.
Cykka Tronic:  Alberto M was the one that said he would speed things up, Marcus I have his extension was the floor supervisor who was full of so much hot air that he could of flown away when he lied to me about shipping.
Cesar P.:  If you desire I can look up were the product is rigt now.
Cykka Tronic:  So instead of telling me the time frames I was tricked and deceived.
Cykka Tronic:  I can see where it is via the tracking number I don't need you to do that.
Cesar P.:  I deeply apologize. In this particular case we can only recommend waiting for the replacement to arrive. We are deeply sorry for the confusion and the mixed information. If there is anything we could do to help, let us know so we may further assist.
Cykka Tronic:  I paid for over night shipping why couldn't you guys pay for overnight return or tell me I'd have to pay for that? Cuz I would of... Instead I was lied to by a supervisor who said my replacement would be sent when the tracking was updated.... So all I need you to either give me a corp number who is in charge of the call center or upgrade me(for free) to a ps3 premiere refurbish so I know I wont be sending this other one back.
Cesar P.:  If you desire, I can refund the shipping cost for you.
Cykka Tronic:  I'm disabled I have nothing better to do but spend my whole day chatting with different people until someone gives me a higher up's number. I find I have been played and tricked and I wont stop until I speak to a corporate manger about your call centers games.
Cykka Tronic:  I was already told by someone else they already refunded me my shipping, so what that was a lie aswell?
Cesar P.:  I apologize as I have not checked on the order number I was unable to tell if you were refunded or not.
Cykka Tronic:  I don't want my flippin 14 dollars shipping refunded, have them put it towards sending me out a PREMIUM PS3 Refurbished Console for you guys wasting my time and treating me like a joke. (My bank hasn't recieved anything but Im not worried about the stupid 14 dollars)
Cesar P.:  Anyhow, as stated before, we are not provided with the corporate phone number. If there is anything that is in our hands to assist, it will surely be a pleasure to help.
Cykka Tronic:  Im more upset that I needed the ps3 in the time frame I ordered it in and now have to wait till next week for u guys to even ship the replacement off thats over 6+ days you realize that?
Cykka Tronic:  I know you have the corprate number or a floor supervisor does.
Cesar P.:  Unfortunately, we do not have the number.
Cykka Tronic:  Because when I had the issue Marcus called the corporate office to see about returns and different options. Or are you saying floor sups don't have that and he lied to me again?
Cesar P.:  Once again, we are unable to assist you with what you are requesting. Please let us know if there is any other thing we could do to assist?
Cykka Tronic:  Just so we are aware all this is being saved, just like the emails and the phone call with marcus I'll be talking to a laywer about emotion distress because as I said I'm already disabled and this is causing alot of emotion tire on my body.
Cesar P.:  We are really sorry if we are causing any frustration or inconvenience.
Cykka Tronic:  You can stop typing now since you are being rude and stubborn. Maybe you could give me the legal departments number.
Cykka Tronic:  Or do you not have that?
Cesar P.:  Unfortunately we do not have that number as well.
Cesar P.:  Is there any other question regarding your order Cykka?
Cykka Tronic:  You guys are the worse call center/support ever either that or your just a rude stubborn man.
Cesar P.:  Cykka I am not trying to be rude, I am trying to help as much as I can, but unfortunately we do not have any extension or phone numbers for corporate. It will be a pleasure to assist in whatever you may need. But with that information specifically, I fall short to help.
Cesar P.:  Please let me know if you have any further questions! If you are finished with this chat session, please feel free to close the chat window.
Cykka Tronic:  Yah I'd like you to file a complaint about how your customer support center.
Cesar P.:  Sure not a problem, If you desire I can file it up for you.
Cykka Tronic:  Please do.
Cesar P.:  To do this, we need your help with a few pieces of information.

(Please feel free to copy and paste any information already provided):

Store’s 4 Digit Identification Number Or customer service line (or street address, city, state, zip code):
Date of occurrence:
Employee names (if possible):
Summary of the issue:
Original receipt present (if applicable):
First Name:
Last Name:
Contact Phone Number (required):
Cykka Tronic:  #-###-#83-8895
Cykka Tronic:  All this week so #-##th of october.
Cesar P.:  We need your phone number
Cesar P.:  .
Cykka Tronic:  No no you don't.
Cykka Tronic:  You can have my name thats all.
Cykka Tronic:  The issue is simple fill this out, yourself I'll tell you the info.
Cesar P.:  Ok go ahead!
Cykka Tronic:  The issue: Misrepresentation of products and poor customer server. Was lied to by Marcus a floor supervisor of 5 years (according to him). And by Alberto M. Both stated that they would have my ps3 replacement out before the old ps3 arrived. Also I paid 1 day shipping but the return was 5 days ground.
Cykka Tronic:  Name: Cykka
Cykka Tronic:  Tronic
Cykka Tronic:  email
Cykka Tronic:  the number for the email correspondents is ####-########-6912
Cykka Tronic:  Id like a copy of this report sent to my email.
Cesar P.:  Cykka we do not copy customers to the feedback filed up on the system.
Cesar P.:  Unfortunately this is made by a program or software that wont let us include any other recipient or e-mail receiver. Simply works to send the feedback.
Cesar P.:  But let me file it up for you right away.
Cykka Tronic:  So there's no proof the complaint was ever even filed then other then your word.
Cykka Tronic:  Which from my history means nothing with you people.

Cesar P.:  Your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate department for review.
Cesar P.:  Please let me know if you have any further questions! If you are finished with this chat session, please feel free to close the chat window.
Cykka Tronic:  I don't believe you but thanks. Give me a supervisors extension besides Marcus so I can call now.
Cesar P.:  If you prefer to speak to someone directly, you can reach us 7 days a week 8am – 8pm at 800-883-8895.
Cesar P.:  Simply ask for a SUP.

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  1. Oh well this was ages ago but I got the new ps3 and it bbroke in less then 2 days also took it to a gamestop they traded me.. I then traded that console (which had issues) to a third game store that wasnt gamestop for credits towards a ps4.


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