Saturday, September 5, 2015

I'm the best at what I do, what is it that I'm the best at you ask me, I'm the best at what is I do, I'm no different then you, just a normal dude, not famous not a scientist, but I'm still the best at what it is, I'm the best everywhere, I'm the best me anywhere, it's because what other me could I ask to be? I guess your not understanding what I'm sayin to you, but I'm trying to make it get through, the message I need it spread, let the hive mind amplify these words, let it be heard, as I spit I tell you I'm free, free as a bird in other words I got no keeper, The government power doesn't control me, as they play professional extortionist as it would seem, I escape this everyday scene, fall through the cracks never bow to a man again, I'm my owner master and this is my art style, It may not seem like much, but these words speak in volumes you cant comprehend, I get it though I'm not here to make enemies, maybe let me have your hand, Friend I'm here to help you wake up and stand, these puppeteers have you in their sight, you could escape just make that jump tonight. Sneak out and join this gorilla fight, whether your a cyber nut or a foxhole warrior reading into the lines understanding that the shadows hide right behind the blatant lies they feed us in the sky with chemicals that will make us all die, but don't fear, no don't fear no because I'm still the best at what I do, so I'm hoping now maybe you understand it's you I'm trying to rescue.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Check out Welcome To Nightvale if you don't know what it is.. Anyways this was wrote to go along with a picture I got.. 


Hello listeners. I have grave news. We all know Cykka Tron. You know...That guy we all call when
we need help with... The computers? Time and time again Cykka has come to our rescue and proved
that our Repair Man, seems to of vanished! He was last seen at Ol woman Josies. Apparently her
himself worthy of the title of Computer Repair Man. Unfortunately, Dear listeners, I have revived word
that The Repair man entered Old Woman Josies house, and that soon after, there was a bright blue flash
computer was harboring a deadly and aggressive virus of some sort. The sheriffs secret police explain of light followed by horrible screeching tones all varying in pitch and then. Nothing. Old woman Josie
information arises.
escaped with her life thanks to the not divine help of the group of people named Erika living in her house. Dear listeners. Who will keep us safe from The computers now? Who? More on this as Now listeners. The sheriffs secret police have release more information On Cykka Tron. You know,
Listeners, I am looking at my phone right now and yup. There he is. Our repair man. Hes....hes not
the Computer Repair Man? I doubt I need to tell you listeners that he has been found. In fact you all ready know he has been found. You know this because, The Repair man is on the screen of every TV and Computer and phone in Nightvale. Here...let me just take out my phone annnnd... here we go!
unharmed as someone who fights Deadly Viruses can be. Cykka, Doesnt seem to be doing anything at
doing anything, just staring straight ahead at the screen and.. oh! and it looks like hes going to say something. He's opening his mouth and...somethings falling out, it looks like...a computer cord! Well dear listners, thats a little eerie. Other then the cord, he appears to be mostly unharmed, Well, as the moment... so for now, let me take you to the weather!
have watched as wires and cords slowly climbed up his arms and body and wrapped themselves around
Welcome back listeners! Now, more on Our Dear Repair Man. It has been three months since he was taken into whatever dimension he now inhabits and as you all know, for the past three months all electornic devices in our town display nothing but The Repair man. In the months since he appeared we him. Listeners, I do not know when this Virus will release the Repair man, but I do hope it will be
Repair man is now standing behind my window... no. Standing IN my window. He is reaching through
sometime soon. I dont know about you, but not being able to use my phone or watch TV has become a little... inconvenient not to mention carlos- OH! Listeners! The... the glass window that separates me from my manager's sound room suddenly flashed blue.. there are what appears to be white letters and numbers flashing over the looks like a computer screen dear listeners! And... there! The
his movements are twitchy, it looks like the cords are moving him like a puppet! and the wires!
the glass, reaching into this room, his hands clawing through the air. and... oh... my dear listeners it seems that he is pulling himself from the Virtual plain and entering reality through the glass in my very own studio! His body has thumped unceremoniously to the ground, and he is now laying in a heep of computer cords, a blue glow emitting from his still body. Now he's... hes standing up, slowly. so slowly, Listneners there are wires moving under his skin, crawling out from his opened palms and
fingertips...snaking their way over towards me.. He's...Speaking! His voice sounds like a burst of static and rust... oh no listeners...the wires! THEREY WRAPPING AROUND MY LEG AND PULLI--AUGH! ............. Greetings. NightVale. I. The. Real. Computer. Repair. Man. Have. Returned. I. Apologize. For. My. Absence. I. Am. Back. Do. Not. Hesitate. To. Call. Me. Should. You. Ever. Need. Assistance. With.
Your. Computers. Do. Not. Hesitate. Do. Not. Hesitate.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I found all these via youtube, I didn't upload them and I take no credit for them. I merely used google and searched! Hope you all enjoy.

So if you like anime or even old cartoons check out my playlists on my youtube.
Find me +Cykka Tron  and check it out.
If you want to help and add more to the playlist share your findings with me!! :)

Good watching, and happy times!

Anime Playlist

Cowboy Bebop


Fairy Tale

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

   So I know alot of people claim they make "bank" online doing surveys watching videos ect ect.. Well I doubt it. However I wont lie I use a lot of different online survey sites or video sites to get points to buy things. So I'm here listing off the ones I use and well hoping you click the links and support me via adfly

  I have to say the easiest one is cashpiggy, this ones new and is made by Adfly which I use for links on my site to help pay for the domain and stuff. I also use Listia to do surveys and bid on peoples unwanted items, it's like the free version of Ebay. I have won a few DS games, vinyl stickers and a ton of pokemon cards.

I also used to use Points2Shop but they seem to have tighten up their surveys and pay outs which is sad. Anyways hope one of these three sites tickles your fancy and helps you obtain the items you want for free! I have won alot of stuff from these probably over 100 dollars worth in total, but again this isn't some "make money quick" site these do take time and patience. 

This is a simple visit web pages to earn some money and cash out once you have enough type of deal. But they even have a fun little game where you random click a picture square and you could instant win big. 

Below you will find an awesome video on how to set up an email server, but I also recommend reading this article here!

TechChop - This is the final episode of Tech Chop! For the finale, we thought we would bring you something you could use to avoid the NSA's PRISM program (At least for email) by setting up your own secure email server on Ubuntu Linux using iRedMail. Distributed by

Hey. So, you've probably heard that mining scrypt coins doge and litecoin is super hard now due to ASICs, and isn't worthwhile on a GPU anymore. Well, here's how to mine other coins that use an algorithm called x11 (as opposed to scrypt) and have them autoconverted and paid to you in doge. (will also autoconvert to another coin, if for some crazy reason you don't want doge).
  1. Have an nVidia GPU, preferably 600 series or later, and 50 or higher, such as 650, 750, etc.. These will be best for mining, but I'm not gonna guarantee profitability over electricity costs, that will depend on your set up and hardware and cost of electricity. nVidia cards are way better for mining x11 than AMD cards right now, for some reason the development of the mining software has really been rapid for nVidia, not so much for AMD, sorry AMD people you'll have to look elsewhere for how to mine.
  2. Determine your compute capability of your card. (will be something like 3.5, or 5.0 etc..) Remember this number.
  3. Download and install the latest graphics card drivers from nVidia if you aren't up to date already
  4. (not necessary for gtx970 and 980) Download and install the CUDA software from nVidia
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Download and extract the latest version (1.5.1 as of now) of ccminer from here Here's the announcement thread for that software to stay up to date and learn more. If your GPU has a compute capability less than 3.0 (from step 2.) then you are using a card with an older architecture, and it is not supported in the latest version. You will need to download an older version of ccminer, one that has a ccminer.exe file in the zip that ends with the two digits of your card's compute capability (e.g. ccminer21.exe if compute capability is 2.1).
  7. In the extracted folder (the one where the ccminer-30-35-50-52.exe is) create a .txt file. Inside that file copy paste this code (4 lines):
    @ECHO off
    ccminer-30-35-50-52.exe --algo=x11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETADDRESSTOMINETOHERE.worker1 -p x 
  8. Save that file as wowsuchdig.txt. Now right click on it in the folder and change the extension to wowsuchdig.bat.
  9. Double click wowsuchdig.bat
  10. Profit! You are now profit switching mining x11 coins on an awesome pool called This pool converts those coins to doge for you, and then sends the value in doge. You can go there for statistics on your account (your address is your username, there is no sign up). Also check out their getting started guide. You may also want to change your port (in the .bat file) from stratum+tcp:// to stratum+tcp:// if you have a very good card.
Now you're set up. There's more stuff, like overclocking, but I won't get into that here. Congratz :)

Hacking Tools Wifi

These are some must haves for every amateur wifi security tester/hackers.
Remember only use these on your own wifi or for research never hack into others with out permission, it is illegal and well you know the rest.

We take no responsibility for how you use these programs.

Linux Distros For "testing" wifi security:


• Cain & Able []

Saturday, July 18, 2015

CTStories: Have You Met Sadness?: Art by Tellosnap Sadness is ill. Sadness is meek. Sadness is a killer.. The day I met sadness was the day my life fell into...

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Original Post:
To start off I just moved back to this town last year when my great grandmother fell ill. After she passed me and my wife moved into this house my grandmother inherited after a lady she took care of died. I live right outside of town, we don’t see many cops or people for that matter as our road is a dead end. So I’ve always thought of it as a peaceful get away from the rest of the world especially during tourist season. But recently I haven’t been feeling the same way about this place. My House [1]
Three weeks ago we started hearing things outside like clanking and stuff being moved, I assumed it was a bear or some other creature. So I invested in a Mosin Nagant, as you know if you’re into gun’s it’s a cheap dependable bear killer. The only downside is it’s bolt action, I also own a 12gauge but I knew that wouldn’t be strong enough for this thing as it sounded like it was huge from the noise it would make at night. So with my new gun next to my bed I was ready for it. A few nights passed and it seemed like it must of moved on and away from my house so I started putting the gun up in the back room. Then it happened, the banging, the repetitive banging on my window. I jumped up and flung my curtain back and nothing.. There was fucking nothing. My wife was confused and still half asleep asking what was going on and I had nothing to tell her.. I couldn’t even form words I was so dumbfounded it was clear as day and I know it happened because she woke up from it, my two cats were on edge looking around. But there was fucking nothing to be seen.
I kept telling myself it must of been a humming bird or something whacking the window trying to get in. I mean that’s the only thing my mind could come up with to settle the questions of what was it.
The days and nights kept going on like normal nothing much but a few squeaks and creaks of the house. Nothing that I would find unusual for a place this old, it’s been here a long time and has tons of people living in it off and on. I’m sure it has a few stories to tell, which I wish it could so it could've warned me of what was about to happen. Last week we had a storm, nothing unusual living by the beach and all. The wind was ripping and howling like crazy through the woods behind my house. I heard a few branches fall and break which wasn’t abnormal either, but what was out of place the scratching on my sunroom windows. I have no idea what caused it but when I heard it I rushed out to the sunroom flipped on the back flood lights and stood looking out into darkness in my underwear. Again nothing was there, again an unexplained sound coming from windows. That next day I went and bought a 9mm handgun as I already had my CPL. As I no longer though it was a bear but rather tweakers maybe?
Again days went by and nothing, not a peep.. Until last night my wife went to work like normal and I was up playing games like the nerd I am. When I heard the fucking banging on my bedroom window again. This time I left the lights off took the handgun and a flashlight and went right outside. I could still hear the banging, but now it was coming from the master bedroom's bathroom. So I got into my “snake mode” and snuck around the corner.. Nothing was there. Nothing but the over grown grass of my backyard. So I looked around and stood just dumbfounded when it happened. The knocking was so fucking loud, I looked up at my window and there it was. Inside my fucking house knocking on the window. I don’t know what the fuck it was or how it got inside but it was in my master bedroom with my guns, with my cats.. I could see it clear as day inside the house. It had a smile on it’s face, the smile is the one thing I can’t get out of my head. It shined white, it was just the teeth but the whole smile was just a white gleam. The body of the thing was shaped like it was wearing a dark robe, like a jedi.. That’s all I can think of comparing it too. I raised my gun and hesitated for a moment, and it was gone.. It was there but then it was nothing.
I’m not sure if I’m going crazy or if something, someone… is in my house with me right now. I’ve tried to call my wife and they told me she left a few minutes ago, so she should be home anytime now.. But I’m scared. Even with my guns, I’m scared.. I’ll update you guys when she get’s home. I plan on both of us searching for this thing.. I’m locked in my master room right now and I don’t plan on coming out until she gets here.
Update 11:33: I have no fucking idea whats going on. I'm sitting here on my chromebook and I just got a message from my wife saying "I'm here outside". I usually go meet her at the door so I ran out there and nothing the car wasn't parked in the spot.. she's not there. I'm so worried. It says she's online still. But she's not replying.

My House Hates Me.

Log Book/Journal

Entry 1: 

So as I've been living in this house about a year now and since then I've bought a couple more guns because of Bear issues.. But also because I've been hearing my doors (screen doors) being opened and then slammed shut. A few times I've rushed outside with my flashlight in boxers and my gun drawn, and nothing.. For awhile I was hearing things on the side of the house moving around it's since stopped. But last night we had a hail storm, which was odd for the coast this time of year. We were sitting in the living room on our chromebooks enjoying the sound of hail and rain when out of no where a big thundering sound. 

First I thought it was a tree branch falling on the house, but then I noticed it was coming form the fucking back sun room with big ass windows and they were being pounded on. I motioned silently to my wife to go to the bedroom and I followed behind her I grabbed the gun and rushed into the sun room. I turned on the flood lights for the back yard opened the window and stuck my self and my gun out yelling "WHAT THE FUCK"... Nothing. Nothing at all. 

It's sunny today so I went out and searched around for tree branches maybe roofing that has fallen off.. But again NOTHING.. This isn't the 1st time though this has happened a few weeks ago the same thing but instead of the windows it was the metal screen door to get into the sun room's porch.. I turned on the flood lights and that time I did catch something but what it was I wasn't sure. I actually had to test and make sure I wasn't imagining it because it kind of disappeared like out of view so fast. So I turned off and on the flood lights seeing if maybe it was just a reflection or something caught my eye that wasn't actually there but maybe an illusion from the lights? But it didn't recreate the thing I saw which was probably my height (6'2) it was either brown or had a brown hoodie/jacket on.. 

Either way apart of me feels it's actually this house playing tricks on me somehow? I sometimes hear voices now when falling asleep.. We started sleeping with a fan on to give us some sort of white noise to cover up the sounds that come creeping out of this place. 

This is my house from the street view.. 



Entry 2:

This isn't funny anymore... I heard a scream last night. I'm going to go search for it..

- - -
I don't know what I found but ...


Entry 3:
I couldn't bring my self to write about this earlier, but I found a big bone in my yard.
I'm not sure what it was or who it was.
I just left it there as I don't know what else to do.

Entry 4:
The cops came about the bone, but it was gone.

They told me it was probably an animal bone left by some other animal.

I can't bring it in my self to write alot these days as I'm drained..
I think it's here and knows I can hear it.

Entry 5:

I. I dont. I dont.
Idont. Idontknow.
I have to leave now.
She is gone.


Entry 6:

The cops think she left me, but I don't. I know something got her.
They said there was no sign of a break in or a struggle but she's gone.
She wouldn't of just left.
She was hearing the voices too and they where saying they needed a vessel.
I think they took her.


Entry 7:

I'm done with this. Im talking back to them now.
They reply.
they reply.
they reply
In the dark
People found.