Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Could it be the hairy man himself? What else could be lurking in these woods?

Lake Sylvia State Park is 233 square arce. Its nestled up against another 5000 arces of Montesano City Forest. In this quite little valley you can find a lake and streams. It's a prime fishing location, but fish are not the only food source out here. Ask anyone around and they will tell you edible plants can be found around every corner.

Lately though it seems people are finding a little more then just brunch in the forest. We have had reports of odd grunting sounds and wood thumping. Some campers have even reported pebbles being tossed at their car. On one occasion a visitor we spoke with claimed he had a lump of dirt left on his hood.

Could these be signs of the legendary bigfoot? I'm not sure, but it maybe a good place to start looking!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

StrayedAway Voicemail

If you haven’t heard about the “crazy” voice mail yet you’re in luck. 
A twitter user by the name of strayed away posted a video of a cryptic voicemail he received and it translated into a warning! 

It’s been a crazy ride for those who want an answer. The thread quickly escalated from one video into threatening messages. The account is now deactivated so we may never get any real answers. 

Some users on 4chan speculate that this is an ARG for a new movie.

Original ARG:

What does all this mean? Who knows maybe on the 18th the world will end? Or a new movie will be announce?! 

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The story of the Sea Hag isn’t one many know about. But I’ve luckly found a few folks in #OceanShores Washington who have encountered this being. 

The story dates back to 1947. Ocean Shores wasn’t anything special or well even thought of as place someone would want to visit for vacation. But a young man and his bride to be thought it would be a perfect place to set up shop and make a family. 

The only names we can tie to these people are George and Betty-Lou. Now if these are their names for sure are unknown, but what is known is tragedy followed their move. The couple where wildly in love and had plans to help the small community that was forming flourish. 

But these people who where already settled and set in their ways where leery of new comers. But this didn’t change George and Betty’s kind hearts and they started attending the local gatherings. But before long they felt something wasn’t quite right with these people.

In a letter that was found in the local muesuem  George was writing to a unknown family member stating, “I’m worried, Betty has been seeing people in the dune grass again at dusk.”. 

We may never know who Betty saw for sure but we do know what happened to her. The story of the horrific incident is something that the few people who know of the Sea Hag know well. 

On a windy night at the beach side of the dunes a yellow and orange light was seen bright as the sun they say. Betty decided to go see what it was fearing a wild fire maybe starting. When Betty reached the beach she found a half lit fire still burning in a shallow grave. Betty couldn’t make out what exactly was burning but the stench was said to be that of rotting flesh. 

Betty turned to head back to her home expecting George to be back from his job at the local stables. But when better approached her house the door was wide open and the house was pitch black. 

Betty being a brave young woman approached the house expecting to find that they where robbed. But that’s not what she found at all. Everything was as it should be in her house. Everything but George. Betty could hear a knocking sound from the bed room. The room her and George built from the ground up, the room dreams where made in. But when Betty entered the room her dreams where turned to nightmares. George was swinging from side to side from the wooden rafters with an axe in his back and a burned M on his cheek.

Betty was struck with fear, she ran out of the house but with no real friends or family she had no where to run too. Some of the locals claim she ran to the point which is now called Damon’s Point. 

Days went bye, George was buried. Betty was assumed dead or gone and was a key suspect in the murder of her fiancĂ©e. 

But this was not true, Betty was alive. Well at least that’s what it seemed like. Locals would see her in the shadows and in the dunes. They would hear words that they could not understand and assumed Betty went crazy. 

Months went by with out any real issues. Then on a early Sunday morning Betty was found standing in front of the local church. As the church goers arrived Betty started to point and yell. She swore she would have her revenge, she knew what they all did. 

The story at this point varies depending on who you ask. But they all agree that she went back to that burning hole in the ground and found a small child missing his legs and a M branded into his neck. 

The truth was revealed that the locals where not what they seemed but rather a cult of Maliki. Betty’s swore she would have revenge and started to speak in gibberish. Betty’s then turned to the “holy” church and lit it on fire. 

As the flames raged the church goers pushed her into the flames as they rushed in to save their scriptures. As Betty was engulfed by the raging flames she spoke one last word, “death”. 

Most believed she was embracing the final stretch of her existence. Others knew it was an omen, a promise of thin to come. 

Years passed, the locals who where their for the tragedy where old and dying. Some told their children of the cult and the dark history of the town. Others died in silence maybe regretting their life choices, maybe fearing what others would think. 

In 1990 everything changed, the booming tourist town felt a rift in the normally peaceful nature of the beach life. A sudden death of one of the oldest bloodlines shook the community. 

What was odd about this death was it that the authority’s claimed it was a suicide. They stated the victim branded an M over their own mouth and then hung them self from the second story balcony.

Neighbors reported they say a woman, but could not recognize who she was. Others in the town started feeling like they where being watched from the dunes. They claimed there was a creature lurking. Authorities never took much action writing the sounds and sights off as bears or other creatures. 

Some paranormal investigators claim it was a “skin walker”. But the truth is Betty had came back. She was bringing that final promise forth. Fulfilling her nightmaresish needs, and cleansing the town of the it’s wicked blood. 

Sightings kept coming into the local paranormal groups. Many people sent in photos which we have had the pleasure of obtaining her at CTronic. 

Betty was back and the oldest of the locals knew it. Fear was setting in and the town started to slowly decay. Wild fires took the life of three other long time family’s of Ocean Shores. When the bodies where found they where missing their legs and branded again with a M on the neck. 

The authorities claim the branding was done while living and healed, so it must of been some sort of scarification they did themselves. But as for the legs? Well they stated it was animals. But we know the truth, Betty the Sea Hag took their life. 

As the years pasted and the town settled down, Betty was seen less. The stories almost forgotten, but recently a long time resident has returned to his home town and has claimed he has seen her. He has heard her voice, the voice of a weather soul. 

He stated in an exclusive interview that he heard her while he was sleeping. He claimed she said, “it finally starts again.”. What this means for the tourist town of Ocean Shores is unknown but we are sure to find out soon. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"I'm honestly not sure what really went wrong here."

The Unexplained Files Of CTron Brings you "Creepy and Unexplained Top 5"

Hello My Darlings.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The sounds in this vacant house are to be expected. The squeaking of the floors, the sound of little creatures in the walls. But behind those sounds is a slight unsettling sound that can be compared to breathing.

This sound no matter where you are in the house is there. Even with the headphones when listening to some audio recording taken just minutes before. The breathing can be heard next to me. I'm unsure where exactly it's coming from.  I have moved from the bottom floor to the top, back to the bottom and the breathing is still just steps behind me. But when I turn to look nothing can be seen. When I walked towards the door to leave this building a thump was heard upstairs........

It started with the *thump thumps* the sound just stops. Not just the sound of the thumps. But the sound of the existing world around you. The sound just doesn't exist.  The *thump thump* happens again. Once more *thump*...*thump*.... the sound comes back the lights flicker. Is this reality? Something seems a bit different, you can't pin point it. But something is off....

I'm left wondering if it's real. I mean is it real when time stops? Why does time stop only once the sound has been heard? Time still passes for me but the air stops vibrating. Sound doesn't exist. Time stops flowing around me. The world isn't as vibrant or moving but it's still active. When it comes back it seems like it's a different time in space. Like this place is misplaced.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Cribeas Track
Recently I have been informed of some strange activity in Ocean Shores. It seems there has been this strange sound coming from the dunes in town and in the woods around Oyehut. They describe it as a howl or a moan, some are claiming it to be a cougar others are saying it’s something a little more sinister. They claim this sound comes with a deadly price which is usually a dead animal of sorts! We even have video evidence of this creature below!
A lot of residents have contacted BFRO about this claiming it may be a big foot, but that won’t help any of us! Other are calling it “Cribeas” which is a unknown creature that has some locals fearing for their lives. The Cribeas as the myth goes was created by an ancient curse by a shamen. It was created for revenge on those who live on this coastal land. The story is shrouded by mystery and very few know of it. The people who have told me of this story are scared that this creature will be move from deer and small game to humans soon.
In one interview a local told me, “I saw it..” he was shaking but he continued to inform me of his encounter. “It was a four legged animal, not giant but not tiny.. It seemed to have little fear kind of like a deer with mange.. It had teeth that stuck a inch out and it ran .. it ran so fast..”. After that this local who we will call “Jo” didn’t want to talk to me anymore about this creature. Jo told me the less I knew the safer it would be but to expect to hear more about it in the future.. He told me I and everyone else in this town should prepare for a plague like none that we have seen before.
At first I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I guess maybe I didn't want to. As I listened and eventually witnessed, this "story" was completely true. I guess I will start from the beginning.
It was a beautiful fall morning in Western Washington. To be more specific, it was a small "town" called Baring. I heard some noises outside of the little cabin I was in. The night before there was loud banging sounds coming from behind the cabin, in the woods. I assumed it was a bear or a mountain lion and it would just leave once it got bored. The next morning I awoke alive to my surprise and I decided I could use a wake me up. I ended up in this little pub and asked about what the sounds could have been. Given that I am not from here I wanted to know what I was dealing (5)
I spoke with this old timer. Let's call him "Ray" at the pub. He said the noise I heard was a creature very few have ever heard and even fewer have seen. He said that this creature is humongous. And very dangerous and not at all docile. He said that he has seen it a few times. Because he hunts for all of his own food, so he is in the woods more than not. He said the creature has become known as "Marsh Hag". I chuckled at the name. And as I chuckled he gave me the most stern look I have ever been given in my entire life. The coldest stare you could imagine.
He said that he would take me to where he "Believes" its den is. He said he isn't 100 percent sure about it.He took me there the following morning. We see this shadow deep indownload (4) the woods. Right by a waterfall. I raced to go catch this "hag" because with a name like that who wouldn't want to bag this beast. Old Ray yelled for me to stop, so I did of course this man knows his stuff. He continued to warn me of this beasts ill temper and hunger for flesh. This whole time, I did not believe a word this old timer was saying and thought this to be a game.
As the night grew closer and our venture into the woods became more creepy we started hearing these indescribable sounds. It was along the lines of dubstep mixed with a horny 223128_d402_1024x2000toads crook. As we got closer to the sound Ray told me to slow down so of course I did, he pointed and I looked. It was huge. It was bigger then a small car that those eco-friendly nut jobs drive, it was a spider mixed with a frog. It's eyes were red as the sun is yellow and it's fangs where as sharp as the underside of a tongue lashing. Before I could move I noticed Old Ray left yelling,"Catch me if you can". I soon took chase down the hill after my old friend and by the time we made it out of the woods I had made a new life partner.

Investigated by +Z- Th3T3ch 
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