Friday, October 10, 2014

     So I don't usually get raged about people's opinions or anything like that... But when a business such as Jersey Shore Tactical starts posting things about people or protests they barely understand it gets me a little rowdy. I followed this business for the fact I love my guns, but never thought a business facebook page would start sprouting off political views every other day. I was upset when I saw them talk about "illegals" and such but I figured maybe it was a one time thing... Then they start going after the protesters in #Ferguson and #STL, when this business knows nothing of the pain and suffering these people are inflicted with by the police daily. They used the often used phrase by the brain washed mashes, "and we are the racist"... Yes you are.   He states they where chanting for the death of Darren Wilson but this has moved way past just that one officer since this is more closely related to the death of Vonderrick Myers. But as you can see Jersey Shore Tactical is basing his posts on hear say and mainstream media so I assume he's oblivious to the truth of the matter. 

The post that set me off was this:

   They call the protesters animals for burning flags, they say they are ex-military and it offends them.. But you fought for this and now you're judging those who are expressing the rights they have? But did you really fight for this? Or did you fight a war for a government that none of us agree with? You might of just been a sheep depending on what "war" you fought it... Think about it. A couple of the followers of this page end up saying things like bomb them ect.. It's disgusting to think that they see the protesters as less then human.. Do you not understand that's the issue at hand? Human Rights!!! The police have already tarnished your flag enough for the protesters to want to burn it.. Try and understand the human side of this. 
These are just a few of the comment's. I had to delete mine due to the rage and flames I received on my person facebook profile from these hard core followers of "The Flag". I stated how this happens during almost all major protests ect and well it set them off enough for the radicals to come out of the wood works and tell me I have no right to speak because I did not serve our corporate governments armed forces.

     The only animals I've seen since the protests are those dressed up like Darth Vader and those posting such hate. These police are acting like straight military thugs pushing and lying to the protesters every chance they get. But all the masses see are what the mainstream media is talking about. The fear spreaders are making it seem the like the protesters are violent and dangerous which is far from the truth. The violence stems from these thugs playing dress up for the cameras. They had one man, a older guy talk to protest leaders and tell them they would be okay to protest but the cops are not leaving anytime soon.. But then as the night went on the lie was found out and they started trying to make the protesters leave with threats of arrest and other tactics. The cops did arrest a few sources say via
The man who was doing the negotiations and talking with leaders it was okay to protest was the older guy in the picture to the left.

   To me in this instance the flag burning represents the fact the freedom that the "military" has fought for is being destroyed by these dirty cops. Yet many don't see it that way, many see it as disrespect to the men in arms and America. If this is how these protesters want to show how they feel then so be it! It's part of our freedom that this country allows us to have! So for active or ex military men and woman to call these protesters animals is a repulsive act and it should be shamed. These people represent our country and our rights but don't honor them one bit. 


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