Monday, January 12, 2015

My Top Games Of 2014

These games are not in any certain order, so here we go!!!!!!

1. Gods Among Us

So I loved this game, not really the story it was pretty short and boring but the multiplayer was awesome. It was just like Mortal Kombat but with superheroes oh and Scorpion. You get to beat the living sh!t out of each other with your favorite villains or heroes!  As this shows 40mins of playing goes by fast when you have a friend over, it didn't feel nearly that long.

2. Outlast

Outlast was one of the 1st games I played for the ps4, originally I broadcasted with my friends watching but forgot to save so I re-broadcasted and uhh forgot to turn on the mic.. Which is a good thing because I screamed like a girl at certain parts and I'm glad the world doesn't get to see that. This game is awesome when your alone and it's dark.. Oh and you either have headphones or a really good sound system!

3. Minecraft

Well as we all know minecraft is the best building game around. Nothing can beat minecraft as a building/survival block game. I original played MC on the PC and even ran my own server so of course I had to get it for the ps4 and the fact it was only 8 dollars used I couldn't refuse buying it. The worlds are huge and the skin packs are awesome!

4. Warframe No Video

Warframe is a free mmorpg on the ps4 and xboxone also I believe the pc, it's addicting as hell and could be what destiny wasn't. This game has so many missions and constantly changing and updating, all I feel it's lacking is better PVP.


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