Wednesday, October 21, 2015

As a casual gamer I like to cheat on games that I don't really want to put much time into but still get the payout that hardcore casual browser gamers get! So I use Macro's... I've tried many from Imacro to Mini Mouse macro. All of these fell short from what I was trying to accomplish, I tried them on Dofus and Pokemon Planet and they well kind of worked.

I found Jitbit Macro Recorder on accident from a google search and gave the free trial a try. For games such as Dofus/Wakfu and Runescape Jitbit doesn't work with out you being at the computer due to the games cheat detection and random events.


It works with out a flaw for games like Pokemon Planet and other such browser games, as I write this I'm currently leveling up my pokemon with out actually playing. I know that Jitbits could be used from many things such as repetitive work tasks, but I as the lazy "gamer" I figured out it works great for browser rpg games! It works flawless with the keystroke and mouse recorder, I can't stress this enough how amazing this program is for automating/autoing your games and leveling up with out the grinding that most games involve now a days.

If you are interested in giving this awesome program a try and maybe cheating at one of your webgames, which include mafiawars, pokemon planet, pokemon rpg and many other browser based games then here's the link and hope you guys enjoy!


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