Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CTStories: Have You Met Sadness?

Sadness is ill.
Sadness is meek.
Sadness is a killer..

The day I met sadness was the day my life fell into a dark hole. I met him on a dark street all alone, when I realized Sadness had nothing either I embraced Sadness with a hug. Before I could release him we became one. I lost all strength I once had to live, but I still went on as I was just a kid.

As the days got longer the nights drew shorter. The sweet escape from my dreams dwindled as my imagination seemed to vanish from all sights. I wondered when I stayed up all night if by morning time I would be all right?

But the days turned to weeks, weeks into years, years that held all my tears.

The 1st day I can't remember is the happiest day of my life. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
That day was probably black as the darkest night. But that day was the day I became. I wonder what it was like to be nothing? How does one know that they don't exist when we don't know what existence was? Was there even darkness? I mean if there wasn't the light could there be such a thing?.. I digress. I must get back to the topic at hand.

Sadness has made my mind weak, as I speak I get confused and ramble. I can't walk a straight line with out stumbling. Sadness has driven me to this point. I've started to use. What I use doesn't matter.

Just know I'm here now because Sadness has brought me down. I'm here with this gun in your families out right now because Sadness drove down this road. He brought me to this place.

I'm going to have to blow off your mother and fathers face, because Sadness.. Sadness wont subside with out these substances inside. I'm sorry I couldn't find any other way, I had to get money to keep going my own way.

Hopefully Forgiveness is in your hearts if not I understand if all you have is Madness inside after you find your parents hidden in the closest with their insides out.

I'm leaving this letter here so you know why I did what I did. I'm sorry they where home when I went inside.

I hope this letter makes it too you the children of Apt 20b.



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