Tuesday, February 11, 2014


  In SEO you can become a warrior, priest, mage, rogue, or archer. I find it to be a fun diverse community that anyone could jump into and play with a passion! If you're into old school gaming and simple game play then try out SEO. It's small and needs to grow so make sure to share this with your gamer friends!!

For more information about this game just check below!

Official Site

What is Stava's EO?
S-EO is exactly what main EO failed to be. It's the good old EO experience we all know and love, with new content and fixes. It's updated past v.27, with new areas, monsters, and items to hunt. New content that stay true to what EO is, and don't look out of place like in other private servers. We aren't trying to change EO - we are just updating it.

SEO-Setup download

*these screenshots show NEW areas to explore, they are not edits of original EO maps

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