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Letter to whom ever,

The virus spread insanely quick.
It seemed only the children where immune, and certain adults.
We could of never stopped what happened, nor could we of expected this.
This virus was to strong, to smart, and unexpected for any kind of plan to be made.
I wish we could of saved those who died, I wish we could of helped more people out
but we didn't know what to do we where scared kids at the time, and I am sorry..I'm sorry..
Contained in this letter is my accounts to what happened.


Chapter One – The Beach

It was just another day in the small town of ocean shores, kids going back to school summer was over. I could of never guessed what would happen next, the bell rang every one came running out to the buses, the sun was shining brighter then I've ever seen it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this sight, we didn't get much sun during the winter it had to of been about 80 degrees out side, I was already starting to swet in my big blue jacket. I hopped on the bus, figured I'd get home and ask my grampa if he wanted to head down to the property, we owned about 5-10 acres out in the boondox of grays harbor. I always loved going out and riding the bikes in the back yard I could feel the wind in my hair, my day dream came to a quick end when I realized the bus missed my stop. I yelled at Ken, "YO, bus driver let me off." he stopped the bus and with the nod I always got from him I was home free.

I stepped into the house and it was even hotter inside then out. I went back to my grampas room and he was just laying in bed. "Hey gramps wake up its like 80 out side can you believe it?", I got no reply. I noticed he had a wet rag on his head, he must have been sick I thought to my self, I gave him a nudge on the shoulder he rolled over and told me, " I don't feel so great, tell your gramma I need another asprine.". I quickly went down to the garage where my gramma was doing laundry and told her what he said. She didn't look so great either, I just couldn't figure out how two people could be so sick in such nice weather. I figured my plans where shot so I headed to my room and flipped on the TV to Q13 to watch some family guy. I was rudely interrupted by a special news cast. God I hated news I was half tempted to switch it over to some thing better, when I saw what the scrolling bar on the bottom said "We have been informed from the health department that this new flu is highly contactable, if any one comes into contact with it be sure to wash your....."

This was starting to worry me a bit, both my grandparents where sick what if I get it? Even worse what if they die from it? As the news cast went on a man named Dr. Wesley got his fifteen minutes of fame. He announced that every one with flu like symptoms should head to the nearest hospital to get checked out. I instantly ran out to the living room where my gramma was sitting and told her, she already knew. I was worried but I could see in her face a sense of ease and confidence. She told me "don't you worry we don't need to go to the hospital we will be fine." I went to bed worried that night, I had horrible dreams about the weirdest things.I woke up about 5 times that night, the noises I kept hearing just creeped me out.
The next morning I woke up late for school, I figured I'd call my friend Dan and see if he could come get me. But when he answered he told me school has been called off today due to the flu. I was kind of excited, "no school yes. Then it hit me if the school is canceled due to this thing it must be serious. Most people would of got that idea from the news cast but I was only 15, I couldn't even comprehend what "reality Tv" really was. I wanted to check on my grandparents but I was scared to find what lay behind that door. The worse images kept popping  in my mind, but I couldn't stand at the other side for ever. But right as I went to reach for the door I heard some noise in the room, that was a good sign I figured it means they cant be dead. So I decided I'd just tell them I was heading over to Dans, I got a reply, "Errrrr aarrrr" so I figured it was fine and they must of just woke up I mean it was only 7am.

I was heading out the gate when I noticed my dog wanted to come to so I went to the garage and grabbed his leash. As we where walking down the drive way I noticed my grampa in the window, couldn't tell what he was doing but I waved to him as I left. We where a little more then half way to Dans house walking on the Bolivard when I noticed the traffic was backed up. Which was odd for Ocean shores specially during this time of the year. I stopped and asked a man in this nice red convertible what was going on? He replied to me, "Kid, its that damn flu we are all trying to head to the hospital didn't you hear? Four people died from this thing last night.". I told him I'm sorry and hope every thing goes okay for him and his family but all I wanted to say was, "Ha you guys are sissies my grandparents had it last night and they are fine today"... I guess I was just happy I knew my family was fine and nothing was going to change that in my mind.

As Lucky and I walked up to Dans door, I heard yelling and screaming which wasn't a big deal around here. His family always fought if it wasn't him, it was his sister. But I noticed some thing on the window, it was blood. "Dan! Let me in are you guys okay?!" no one answered me, the yelling just kept on. I figured what the hell Ive been here enough times and if some thing is happening that shouldn't be they will thank me so I opened the door just as Dan was running out side. He looked at me, I looked at him I asked, "What the hell is going on?" he replied, "Lets go, I woke my mom up... she's nuts maybe its from the fever last night.". We decided it would be fun if we headed down to the beach, the closest entrance was past my house. As we got down my road my dog went nuts he wouldn't shut up. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what was wrong with him. Then I saw it, it was one of those damn bums again. I told Dan to stop for a minute, "This guys drunk look at him." Dan just laughed. The man looked at Dan and I maybe it was our laughter that caught his attention or my dog barking. But in any case I wish we wouldn't of because some thing we did pissed him off. He started stumbling over to us, by habbit Dan and I just started running.

It wasn't that we got into a lot of trouble, it was more like we always had the knack to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and knew the easiest way to stay out of trouble was to run from it. Lucky my dog wasn't dumb either he knew to run right behind us. We all three ended up falling over the sand dune at the edge of the beach, "Get off me Frankenstein" Dan always had to call me Frankenstein, I didn't hate the nickname but it wasn't the most flattering. I got it one day playing football. I wasn't very fast but I was one of the biggest kids in our school, so I didn't have to be. I could stand right in front of the ball holder and walk him down the field with no trouble at all. I replied back, "Shut up you fat redneck." We both just started laughing. It couldn't of been past noon and the beach was packed with cars. "Whats up with this?." I asked Dan he shrugged and went on to say, " Maybe they are all trying to get out of this hell hole of a town?"
Dan could tell I was feeling off, "Hey Travis, wanna mess with them? Haha." I of course not wanting to be the downer told him, "Hell yeah.. Do you want to act sick? Or do you want me too?". Before I could even look over at him for a reply he was already down banging on a car window screaming, "HELP (cough cough) Help my face its burning. Help I don't wanna die help please help me.". I ran to the next car over and started doing the same thing, I guess it was catchy because Lucky started jumping on the sides of the car barking like a mad dog. We did this for about an hour and figured it was time to relax. Dan pulled out a smoke, of course I bummed one off him. It was a Marlboro menthol, god how I hated menthol at the time but it felt so good to take a drag. We where still sitting on the beach when I heard syrians coming from the main street by my house. "We gotta go." I told Dan he agreed.

We got to the main road and saw a bunch of ambulances, most the time if there was a ambulance some old lady or man must of slipped and fell, I know that sound horrible but around here its was the truth. The only problem with that theory is they where at my house, "Thats my house, what the hell did that bum do?!". All I could think was maybe that drunk guy came into my house and my gramps shot him. Dan turned to look at me and said, "Lets go take a look, this cant be good...". Like I already didn't know that? I was prepared for some thing bad to come out of the cops mouth when we approached, but he just stood there silent. "Whats going on?" I said, he looked at me and asked, "Do you live here?", I nodded. When a cop asks " is this your house" or "do you live here" it never seems to be a good sign. Cop took a deep breath and started to say, "Well we have to quarantine this..." I didn't let him finish I saw the the bio-hazard suits that you see on Tv when people are dealing with toxic chemicals and couldn't hold it in any more, "WHATS HAPPENING TO MY GRANDPARENTS?! WHY ARE YOU TAKING THEM?". The cop looked at me and asked if I was home last night, Dan instictivly said, "No, officer he was at my house all night with my mom you can call and ask if you want the number is 555-0530." the officer said, "I will just to make sure, you kids should probably head back to his house till we can get more information, okay?".

By this time I was so freaked out I couldn't even think straight, "What is going on?" all I could say over and over with no reply. Dan was holding Lucky leash as we walked he told me, "We can't go to my house my parents where sick too.. and they will know we lied if they call.". I just kept following him with no idea what was going on, we walked for a good 10miles before I even noticed we left my house. By this time we where on the out skirts of Shores, everything seemed to be a blur of lights and fog. It was around 4pm by the time I realized my feet where sore. I stopped in my tracks, Dan looked at me, " Hey you know they are going to want to take us away right?" All I could do was nod, "Hey Dan, lets just leave the harbor..".
I never expected him to agree with me, this was his home all his family lived here. "Lets go then", he replied to me.

Chapter 2
The Wondering Kids

We had it all planned out, it seemed like some thing out of a movie. The shop down the road had a few cars, one of which was still running in the back. Dan and I creeped up the side alley and slipped right in. "This must be the fucking best idea we have ever had", Dan laughingly said to me. As we where driving, I realized we had no destination so I leaned and turned the music off, "eh Dan lets go get Mike.. sound good?". Dan had only met Mike once, but Mike and me go way back. Mike was my friend from Sultan before I was up rooted to Ocean Shores, surprisingly it took no conviencing Dan was on board for this road trip to Mikes.  We got to about Olympia, it was probably maybe a 2 hour drive at most traffic wasn't bad after getting past the hospital. I ended up dazing off around the curves, I guess the day has just started getting to me I just couldn't stay awake any longer.

"WAKE THE FUCK UP FRANKY", I woke up swinging to the left connecting with nothing but a seat. Before my eyes where even open I was pulled out of the car, "What the hell Dan??".
I stared in amazement, nothing but cars pilled infront of us, we where right out side Seattle. Dan just stared at me with this look that just said "yah bro yah". I couldn't figure out how some thing like this could even happen. Smoke and fire was all we could see over the road, "Hey Dan you think they where all trying to get to the hospital??" Dan replied, "looks like it man". We decided it was time to use the "shoe'ba'rus" and started walking. With Lucky leading the way we noticed most the cars where empty but a few had people in them pounding on the horn like it would make the crashes clear up any faster. Just as we where getting ready to jump off the road onto the side and head into the city a man rolled down his window. He was pale looking and smelled horrible, he started to try and say some thing but it just sounded like gibberish. I shaked my head at Dan implying we need to just ignore him and keep going!

We where in the suburbs before we knew it walking the streets. It was already getting dark, we didn't plan to be stuck out in the middle of a no where like this. It was getting cold and Dan was getting nervous, I could lie and say I wasn't but I was shaking in my shoes. It was irie nothing was moving, nothing but the wind blowing the trees. Even Lucky seemed on edge, it felt like the end of the world as we knew it.

Chapter 3
The journey

It was a rough night for all three of us, I at least had my dog to keep me warm. I don't think Dan slept much if at all last night. I think everything was setting in for him, it already hit me the day before. I figured it was time to keep moving, at least this way we wont be thinking about the what if or could be's. Dan pointed to the right, I saw it. A van coming our way, it had to of been fate. We jumped into the middle of the road like CJ from San Andreas, the van surpisingly stopped. The guy in the van looked as us and started to say some thing, but before he could Dan yelled, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR BEFORE I REPAINT YOUR WINDOWS RED." I was stunned. The man slowly got out of the car, Lucky started barking again like he was a bad ass. I knew if it came down to it my dog would run rather then fight but I went with it, "YEAH KILLER ITS DINNER" I figured if I act like my dog was willing to rip into this guy he wouldn't give us a problem. Dan was already in the car before the guy could even take a second glance, Lucky and I ran towards the passanger side and before we could jump in Dan already had the thing moving.

"I wonder what happened to that guy" I muttered to Dan. Dan looked over at me, " Who fucking cares its the end of the world.. Did you see anyone all night? I sure didn't.. It's not normal.. Hazmat suits, car pile ups, no cops.. This isn't just a flu its some thing more" all I could do was stare out the window and nod. I was scared, it wasn't for me or my family but for the world. A few hours past before either of us said anything, I think we both just had enough of this day. "Hey Dan, we are almost there!" Dan smiled and said, "I hope they have food" I couldn't help but laugh, " Of course you do fat ass".  It seemed like a week had past by the time we got to Sultan, but it was only about 24hrs since that morning. We pulled up in the drive way, I started yelling, "HEY MIKE MIKE GUESS WHOS HOME". It was odd no dogs barking, nothing it was silent like in Seattle.

I started to walk around the side of the house to Mikes window, tapping on the wall as I walked. "They must of just gone out" I explained looking at Dan and his stupid grin. "Travis, they didn't go out.. Its the end of the fucking world haven't you got it??" "Shut the fuck up!" I replied. Just then it happened, we both saw it.. But neither of us could react in time for what happened next. All I remember is blood, blood every where, "DAN WATCH OUT, WATCH OUT!!". Lucky was already in action, I was surprised to see my dog trying to fight. All I could hear was wimpering and moaning. Dan was on the ground his arm ripped into, lucky was twitching on his side and this guy.

No this thing was still coming, coming for me. All I could do was grab the knife in my pocket and start to swing. I always prided my self for loving knifes and being able to handle them with a certain skill, but at this moment I must of looked like a 4 year old trying to cut bread. With out warning a giant boom hit the air, I was standing with the knife out like it would of protected me. The thing was on the ground, it wasn't moving, it sure as hell wasn't breathing its head had been blown straight off.

Chapter 4
The Goodbyes

I couldn't figure out what was going on all I could hear was my name being said, "Travis you alright? Travis we gotta move". I turned and realized it was Mike, he had his dad old gun. "Mike what.. what the fuck did you just do... what the fuck happened.. Fuck Dan, DAN ARE YOU OKAY? DAN?" no answer, "LUCKY GET UP LUCKY COME HERE" nothing but silents fell over the air. "Travis, we have to go more will becoming they smell blood.. They feed on us.." I turned and looked at Mike, "We can't just leave them, we can't.. Dan.. Lucky..". I was being dragged away from the two things I thought I would have for the rest of my life. The two things that made it out of Shores with me.

Mike was walking with a mission pulling me right behind weither I wanted to go or not, I was on my way to god knows where. I had tears falling all over my face, " Mike please tell me you know whats going on you just killed a man.. My dog is dead... Dan is.. Dan..." I couldn't get the words out my friend had just died right before my eyes and I couldn't do anything. Mike turned to me, "Its this disease that they kept talking about on tv.. Its turning these everyone who catches it into monsters.. They might look the same as they did before they got sick, but they aren't.. they aren't.. " his words drifted off. Some thing just wasn't sitting right with him, I turned and asked, "Where's Mom and Dad??".. His face filled with pain, tears rushed his eyes, "gone".

I understood now why his words drifted, he had lost his parents.. I lost mine. It wasn't setting in I guess, I just lost my grandparents and the closest thing I had to a family was gone. Even thought I didn't want to believe it I knew it. Some thing was wrong in the world, I just watched one of my best friends die. It wasn't long before we where up at Wallace Falls, I noticed Travis was there so was Amber. Travis was Mikes little brother and Amber his girlfriend. It was always funny going to his house as kids, his brother and I decided I was T1 and he was T2 but he never seemed to get it in his head he always thought he was T1. His Mom and Dad started calling me by my last name for this reason.

Chapter 5
The "Welcome Home Party"

It was a night to remember that night I was greated with a hug and a scream, "TRON how did you get here".  Like always the last name became the first, I couldn't help but cry. I then explained all that had happened to me. They told me about how everything was going to shit down here too. I just couldn't believe it, I guess I just didn't want to? I looked over at Travis and yelled, "Eh little brother you got some smoke?" and like it was magic he wiped out the pipe and light up. Mike wasn't very happy with this, but honestly at this point and time I just didn't care anymore. I looked over at Mike and Ameber, "You know if we are going to die.. we might as well die in a haze?" Mike didn't find this funny at all "Tron, Travis, Amber... Its time we figure out what we are going to do.. Dad always told us one day some thing like this would happen".


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