Sunday, January 22, 2017

The sounds in this vacant house are to be expected. The squeaking of the floors, the sound of little creatures in the walls. But behind those sounds is a slight unsettling sound that can be compared to breathing.

This sound no matter where you are in the house is there. Even with the headphones when listening to some audio recording taken just minutes before. The breathing can be heard next to me. I'm unsure where exactly it's coming from.  I have moved from the bottom floor to the top, back to the bottom and the breathing is still just steps behind me. But when I turn to look nothing can be seen. When I walked towards the door to leave this building a thump was heard upstairs........

It started with the *thump thumps* the sound just stops. Not just the sound of the thumps. But the sound of the existing world around you. The sound just doesn't exist.  The *thump thump* happens again. Once more *thump*...*thump*.... the sound comes back the lights flicker. Is this reality? Something seems a bit different, you can't pin point it. But something is off....

I'm left wondering if it's real. I mean is it real when time stops? Why does time stop only once the sound has been heard? Time still passes for me but the air stops vibrating. Sound doesn't exist. Time stops flowing around me. The world isn't as vibrant or moving but it's still active. When it comes back it seems like it's a different time in space. Like this place is misplaced.


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