Saturday, September 5, 2015

I'm the best at what I do, what is it that I'm the best at you ask me, I'm the best at what is I do, I'm no different then you, just a normal dude, not famous not a scientist, but I'm still the best at what it is, I'm the best everywhere, I'm the best me anywhere, it's because what other me could I ask to be? I guess your not understanding what I'm sayin to you, but I'm trying to make it get through, the message I need it spread, let the hive mind amplify these words, let it be heard, as I spit I tell you I'm free, free as a bird in other words I got no keeper, The government power doesn't control me, as they play professional extortionist as it would seem, I escape this everyday scene, fall through the cracks never bow to a man again, I'm my owner master and this is my art style, It may not seem like much, but these words speak in volumes you cant comprehend, I get it though I'm not here to make enemies, maybe let me have your hand, Friend I'm here to help you wake up and stand, these puppeteers have you in their sight, you could escape just make that jump tonight. Sneak out and join this gorilla fight, whether your a cyber nut or a foxhole warrior reading into the lines understanding that the shadows hide right behind the blatant lies they feed us in the sky with chemicals that will make us all die, but don't fear, no don't fear no because I'm still the best at what I do, so I'm hoping now maybe you understand it's you I'm trying to rescue.


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