Sunday, August 30, 2015

Check out Welcome To Nightvale if you don't know what it is.. Anyways this was wrote to go along with a picture I got.. 


Hello listeners. I have grave news. We all know Kody Tron. You know...That guy we all call when
we need help with... The computers? Time and time again Kody has come to our rescue and proved
himself worthy of the title of Computer Repair Man. Unfortunately, Dear listeners, I have revived word
that our Repair Man, seems to of vanished! He was last seen at Ol woman Josies. Apparently her
computer was harboring a deadly and aggressive virus of some sort. The sheriffs secret police explain
that The Repair man entered Old Woman Josies house, and that soon after, there was a bright blue flash
of light followed by horrible screeching tones all varying in pitch and then. Nothing. Old woman Josie
escaped with her life thanks to the not divine help of the group of people named Erika living in her
house. Dear listeners. Who will keep us safe from The computers now? Who? More on this as
information arises.
Now listeners. The sheriffs secret police have release more information On Kody Tron. You know,
the Computer Repair Man? I doubt I need to tell you listeners that he has been found. In fact you all
ready know he has been found. You know this because, The Repair man is on the screen of every TV
and Computer and phone in Nightvale. Here...let me just take out my phone annnnd... here we go!
Listeners, I am looking at my phone right now and yup. There he is. Our repair man. Hes....hes not
doing anything, just staring straight ahead at the screen and.. oh! and it looks like hes going to say
something. He's opening his mouth and...somethings falling out, it looks like...a computer cord! Well
dear listners, thats a little eerie. Other then the cord, he appears to be mostly unharmed, Well, as
unharmed as someone who fights Deadly Viruses can be. Kody, Doesnt seem to be doing anything at
the moment... so for now, let me take you to the weather!
Welcome back listeners! Now, more on Our Dear Repair Man. It has been three months since he
was taken into whatever dimension he now inhabits and as you all know, for the past three months all
electornic devices in our town display nothing but The Repair man. In the months since he appeared we
have watched as wires and cords slowly climbed up his arms and body and wrapped themselves around
him. Listeners, I do not know when this Virus will release the Repair man, but I do hope it will be
sometime soon. I dont know about you, but not being able to use my phone or watch TV has become a
little... inconvenient not to mention carlos- OH! Listeners! The... the glass window that separates me
from my manager's sound room suddenly flashed blue.. there are what appears to be white letters
and numbers flashing over the looks like a computer screen dear listeners! And... there! The
Repair man is now standing behind my window... no. Standing IN my window. He is reaching through
the glass, reaching into this room, his hands clawing through the air. and... oh... my dear listeners it
seems that he is pulling himself from the Virtual plain and entering reality through the glass in my very
own studio! His body has thumped unceremoniously to the ground, and he is now laying in a heep of
computer cords, a blue glow emitting from his still body. Now he's... hes standing up, slowly. so slowly,
his movements are twitchy, it looks like the cords are moving him like a puppet! and the wires!
Listneners there are wires moving under his skin, crawling out from his opened palms and
fingertips...snaking their way over towards me.. He's...Speaking! His voice sounds like a
burst of static and rust... oh no listeners...the wires! THEREY WRAPPING AROUND MY LEG AND
Greetings. NightVale. I. The. Real. Computer. Repair. Man. Have. Returned. I. Apologize. For. My.
Absence. I. Am. Back. Do. Not. Hesitate. To. Call. Me. Should. You. Ever. Need. Assistance. With.
Your. Computers. Do. Not. Hesitate. Do. Not. Hesitate.


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