Tuesday, July 21, 2015

   So I know alot of people claim they make "bank" online doing surveys watching videos ect ect.. Well I doubt it. However I wont lie I use a lot of different online survey sites or video sites to get points to buy things. So I'm here listing off the ones I use and well hoping you click the links and support me via adfly

  I have to say the easiest one is cashpiggy, this ones new and is made by Adfly which I use for links on my site to help pay for the domain and stuff. I also use Listia to do surveys and bid on peoples unwanted items, it's like the free version of Ebay. I have won a few DS games, vinyl stickers and a ton of pokemon cards.

I also used to use Points2Shop but they seem to have tighten up their surveys and pay outs which is sad. Anyways hope one of these three sites tickles your fancy and helps you obtain the items you want for free! I have won alot of stuff from these probably over 100 dollars worth in total, but again this isn't some "make money quick" site these do take time and patience. 

This is a simple visit web pages to earn some money and cash out once you have enough type of deal. But they even have a fun little game where you random click a picture square and you could instant win big.

Have you heard of tsu.co? It allows writers like me and readers like you to connect on a social network that doesn't censor our views. Hey they will also share their revenue with you for content on their site, why not give it a shot?


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