Thursday, October 16, 2014

     So I woke up today and got on twitter like I normally do since it's where most my views for this blog come from and I saw my fav activist/indepentant +Rebelutionary_Z (Twitter) tweeting about +stackizshort (Twitter) and how an officer called her work place. Normally a officer calling my work place isn't to report a worker for protesting or posting political views, so mind you I wasn't sure what this was going to be about. After reading and digging for information I found that the officer reportedly made contact with StackIsShort's boss and informed him/her that StackIsShort was posting cop hate and trying to start some sort of riot via twitter posts and to be warned. Mind you StackIsShort goes by a alias so for someone to find out where she works just to call her place of work would take a lot of time and effort.

    In a statement by police she was called an "agitator" and "corrosive". If this isn't slander by the Police then I don't know what is. Stack usually posts stuff about police brutatlity on her twitter but never calls for harm of police, she to me seems like a peaceful truth seeker who has done nothing wrong. But as we know cop's these days don't like truth reporters with camera's and a free minds.

     To me it looks like this officer was calling purely to get StackIsShort into some kind of trouble which seems to of back fired. Her employeer gave her the number the cop call on and Stacks had the state of mind to record it. The video shows the officer had no real reason to call other then he "felt" like he needed to give the employer a heads up..


So as I sit here listening to +YTCrackerz I was trying to think of what more to write about this and decided twitter pictures would do to finish this post.


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