Wednesday, September 10, 2014

  So I haven't done any game reviews lately let alone posted any "techy" type posts due to being sucked into the real world issues we face. But here it goes, Google's Chromebook & Games. The Chromebook is very cheap and pretty decent for a web browsing machine, it at times get's laggy with to many tabs open but so far it hasn't failed me yet. My only real issue is finding games to play.

  I've found a few good emulators that work on chromebook such as VBA-M which is a pretty stable GBA emulator. My main goal when gaming is finding a game that is multiplayer with some kind of social aspect due to this unholy need I have when I game of being better then everyone else... I've found a few such as Serenia Fantasy and Pocket legends... Oh and let us not forget one of my favorite games developed in my home state AirMech.

   Other then webgames chrome only has few decent selection for "Offline" games and "downloadable" mmorpgs which can all be found at the chrome store, I don't plan on getting into any of those right now. The main downfall I find with Chromebooks is no Java games and no support for Unity games which alot of the REALLY REALLY good online games use now. All in all chrome is a good browser computer but it's lacking the games we all need and love to waste time!

My Ratings For ChromeBook:Gaming: 4/10Surfing The Web: 8/10Video Streaming: 7/10Price: 10/10Desktop Customization: 2/10User Interface: 5/10Start Up Speed: 10/10

 Here are my top 2 games that work with Chromebooks.


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