Thursday, January 8, 2015

         DogeCoin is a cryptocurrency that people who love doge started to embrace and help grow. I have even fallen prey to this amazing altcoin. I've heard about altcoins for along time but I refused to buy into it back when bitcoins first showed up on the internet. Shows how smart I am, I could've been riding that easy train. But enough with could of beens and woulda beens, I am now the proud owner of some Dogecoins. I have joined their community over on reddit and asked a few questions that I feel everyone will be interested in. I personally found Dogecoins from looking into crypto cash online and noticed this coin with doge on it. I always thought it was a joke but the more I looked into it the more I saw that people actually sell things for doge. I decided to dig and lurk and found that the community is full of kind and helpful people, I made my claim by going to a faucet and getting my first free 12 dogecoins. I was hooked and now this hobby has become something that I really enjoy and can't get enough of. I say hobby because I know I wont make millions of dogecoin but I still get enjoyment collecting them.

Reddit Users Unite!

I asked Reddit users over at /r/dogecoin these five questions.
Q: How did you find Doge out of all the cryptocurrency?
Q: What made you decide to stick with Dogecoin?
Q: How did you gain/earn your coin? Was it hard?
Q: If you could change one thing about cryptocurrency in general what would it be?
Q: Is Doge a hobby or a way of life?

The users who replied all had one thing in common the love for Doge! They came from all different walks of life and got involved in this currency in all different ways. Most of them find it as I do just a hobby, but I'm sure somewhere out there on the moon there is a rich shibe who finds it "wow very srs" "so real" and so on. But these folks below all told me their story and I was going to add it into my article but I feel if I do it will lose something along the way so I'll just post their answers directly! Enjoy and much love to my shibes around the world!
 [–]ljiljan02I find DogeCoin before few days on one site (stuffpoint=> fanaru, dogecoin have fan club with more than 350 member, dogecoin fan club is on 3th place on this site)
It is interesting, easy and maybe we can earn something
I don't know mining so I earn DC on some fauced, and I get some DC on reddit from others shibes (and yes, earn some coin on fauced is not too easy)
I would like that we have some 99% secured places for trading, and also that online wallet is safe
Now is hobby, but few nights since when I start colect DC I see in my dream this dog and how I collest DC on faucets :) and this is not joke, I am serious (do you think is this some pcsiho problem??)
My eng is not perfect but I think you can understand (and correct what you need :D )

  1. boxmein(from #powder on freenode) gave me 30 Doge for something, don't remember what and then I joined #dogecoin and then, well, I kept using Doge.
  1. The awesome community and the awesome shiba inu :)
  1. From tips(irc and reddit) and soaks(irc), it took some time but now I'm at 23k
  1. I would like to make it more useable
  1. A hobby, I like doing it but I can probably live without it, or not...
I hope that I've given you enough info :D
 [–]Literatewolfvape shibe 1 point  How did you find Doge out of all the cryptocurrency?
I clicked the random link at the top of reddit.
What made you decide to stick with Dogecoin?
Free doge, community, and the goofiness.
How did you gain/earn your coin? Was it hard?
I posted on this subreddit and received free doge from tips. Easy money.
If you could change one thing about cryptocurrency in general what would it be?
I would like to see the snobby attitude weaken so everyone can jump in with ease.
Is Doge a hobby or a way of life?
Once you do doge, you don't go back.

[–]Munce34deal with doge 1 point 
I learned about Dogecoin from researching about Doge; an article popped up about Dogecoin and I just decided to look into it.
The main reason is because I love Doge. My secondary reason is how fun and easy it seems for someone new to join in.
I earned most of my Dogecoin from faucets, as I couldn't figure out how to mine at that time. Other people on reddit also gave me Doge.
I want news about cryptocurrency to spread, and for more shop-owners to start accepting Dogecoin as well as Bitcoin.
Dogecoin is a hobby to me because it feels quite fun to do, but it feels pointless otherwise.


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