Saturday, December 27, 2014

If you haven't heard about this new #CyberWar then I urge you to go on twitter and search "Anonymous Vs Lizard Squad" or click here. And watch this second video posted by anonymous and shared by anonymous twitter accounts.

So this war isn't over "PSN" or "Microsoft" this war is over TOR. After LizardSquad got a bribe to stop attacking the gaming networks they set their eyes on TOR. Anonymous asked LizardSquad to stop the attack and to leave TOR alone LizardSquad called out Anonymous via twitter and the games started.

Some report that this "finestsquad" is the same as "LizardSquad" and it's all a ploy to get "fame" via the internet while others insist finestsquad is not part of Lizard. I for one don't care but I do however enjoy the lulz coming from this war.

TOR has released a statement saying that this will not effect anonymity at all and everything will work how it has always worked. I for one would love to believe this if in fact the theory didn't stand that if over 50% of the nodes where all controlled by one being we could in theory lose the anonymity that TOR users have come to love.

Well that's all I really have to say about this subject so I'll allow twitter pictures to do the rest.
Enjoy the Lulz.


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