Friday, July 3, 2015

    Let me get started by explaining why I'm writing this, I live here. I get to talk to tourist EVERYDAY and they always ask me, "what can we do with our kids?", "What group activities is there to do?" oh and the famous "Why does everything close at 7 or 8?". I just laugh and shrug because I don't have it in me to rant about this town and do my job at the same time.

    So let me get started with clearing up a MAJOR lie that advertisers promote like crazy for our town, we are not a rich community. We are a small community with many small businesses. We struggle during the winter and thrive during the summer. This does not mean we have alot of "amusement parks" or "clubs" or any other kind of activities for the younger generation. Don't get me wrong we have some stuff, just not as much as they make you believe.

   The most common thing I get told is we are advertised as the "richest little city" or something along those lines. So the marketing is working, but what they find is lacking. Even those from the east-coast are fed this lie and buy into it. It's pretty sad if you think about it. Not only are you ruining someones vacation by lying about how "amazing" and how much we have to offer when really after 7 we don't have squat. Even in California they advertise our small town with sun setting on the ocean with a "palm tree" .. I kid you not I saw this bit billboard for housing in Ocean Shores WA and it had a freakin' palm tree like it was a picture of Ocean Shores Hawaii. The lies from the propaganda machine is over powering for this town and I feel bad for those who fall for it with out doing research.


Keep in mind not all these are good for the little kids, there is a lot of restrictions for some of these activities.

  1. GoKarts/PlayLive
  2. Bowling
  3. Arcade
  4. The Beach And Lake
  5. Horse Rides
  6. Hotels
  7. Gift Shops

Other then that you have the beach and your hotel room.

The Never Ending Question...
I get asked daily why the GoKarts and Bowling Alley are the only things open late in this town. I always reply with "I have no idea". But my real theory is simple the town is built and ran by the older generation which is lacking in knowledge about what kids and their families really want to do in this era. We are a very small town and most of the people who hold spots of power are a little older and sheltered from what this new generation really enjoys and what these families are really looking for.

The Winter Argument! 

I understand that winter seasons we die here on the coast but during the summer we are slammed with fresh blood and still places like Pacific Paradise do not stay open late enough for these younger tourist. I get people from Portland OR asking me, "where is the night life? What is there to do after 9?".. Nothing is my reply and it's sad to see that this is how our town will die eventually.

What We Should Do.

We need to add more "amusement" type attracting. I get it gift shops, soap stores and things make the owners more money. But for the blood line of this town we need to bring more attractions for the families and kids that come and visit this place! I know I'm not the only one who feels this way and it's frustrating because me personally I can't do anything other then write and bring the issue to light online and in my circles.

My Ending

I really do hope this reaches the community of Ocean Shores or even to those interested in building in shores. We need new entertainment, rides, attractions, a beach peer with cool little games and vendors. I know this all costs money but it could all bring such a beautiful rebirth to this town. Open an all age "dance/club" and some more child attractions.. Maybe an aquarium. These are things kids and young adults like, give it a shot or at least a thought . Thanks for reading and leave comments with ideas and input!

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