Saturday, July 11, 2015

My House Hates Me.

Log Book/Journal

Entry 1: 

So as I've been living in this house about a year now and since then I've bought a couple more guns because of Bear issues.. But also because I've been hearing my doors (screen doors) being opened and then slammed shut. A few times I've rushed outside with my flashlight in boxers and my gun drawn, and nothing.. For awhile I was hearing things on the side of the house moving around it's since stopped. But last night we had a hail storm, which was odd for the coast this time of year. We were sitting in the living room on our chromebooks enjoying the sound of hail and rain when out of no where a big thundering sound. 

First I thought it was a tree branch falling on the house, but then I noticed it was coming form the fucking back sun room with big ass windows and they were being pounded on. I motioned silently to my wife to go to the bedroom and I followed behind her I grabbed the gun and rushed into the sun room. I turned on the flood lights for the back yard opened the window and stuck my self and my gun out yelling "WHAT THE FUCK"... Nothing. Nothing at all. 

It's sunny today so I went out and searched around for tree branches maybe roofing that has fallen off.. But again NOTHING.. This isn't the 1st time though this has happened a few weeks ago the same thing but instead of the windows it was the metal screen door to get into the sun room's porch.. I turned on the flood lights and that time I did catch something but what it was I wasn't sure. I actually had to test and make sure I wasn't imagining it because it kind of disappeared like out of view so fast. So I turned off and on the flood lights seeing if maybe it was just a reflection or something caught my eye that wasn't actually there but maybe an illusion from the lights? But it didn't recreate the thing I saw which was probably my height (6'2) it was either brown or had a brown hoodie/jacket on.. 

Either way apart of me feels it's actually this house playing tricks on me somehow? I sometimes hear voices now when falling asleep.. We started sleeping with a fan on to give us some sort of white noise to cover up the sounds that come creeping out of this place. 

This is my house from the street view.. 



Entry 2:

This isn't funny anymore... I heard a scream last night. I'm going to go search for it..

- - -
I don't know what I found but ...


Entry 3:
I couldn't bring my self to write about this earlier, but I found a big bone in my yard.
I'm not sure what it was or who it was.
I just left it there as I don't know what else to do.

Entry 4:
The cops came about the bone, but it was gone.

They told me it was probably an animal bone left by some other animal.

I can't bring it in my self to write alot these days as I'm drained..
I think it's here and knows I can hear it.

Entry 5:

I. I dont. I dont.
Idont. Idontknow.
I have to leave now.
She is gone.


Entry 6:

The cops think she left me, but I don't. I know something got her.
They said there was no sign of a break in or a struggle but she's gone.
She wouldn't of just left.
She was hearing the voices too and they where saying they needed a vessel.
I think they took her.


Entry 7:

I'm done with this. Im talking back to them now.
They reply.
they reply.
they reply
In the dark
People found.


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