Saturday, July 11, 2015

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To start off I just moved back to this town last year when my great grandmother fell ill. After she passed me and my wife moved into this house my grandmother inherited after a lady she took care of died. I live right outside of town, we don’t see many cops or people for that matter as our road is a dead end. So I’ve always thought of it as a peaceful get away from the rest of the world especially during tourist season. But recently I haven’t been feeling the same way about this place. My House [1]
Three weeks ago we started hearing things outside like clanking and stuff being moved, I assumed it was a bear or some other creature. So I invested in a Mosin Nagant, as you know if you’re into gun’s it’s a cheap dependable bear killer. The only downside is it’s bolt action, I also own a 12gauge but I knew that wouldn’t be strong enough for this thing as it sounded like it was huge from the noise it would make at night. So with my new gun next to my bed I was ready for it. A few nights passed and it seemed like it must of moved on and away from my house so I started putting the gun up in the back room. Then it happened, the banging, the repetitive banging on my window. I jumped up and flung my curtain back and nothing.. There was fucking nothing. My wife was confused and still half asleep asking what was going on and I had nothing to tell her.. I couldn’t even form words I was so dumbfounded it was clear as day and I know it happened because she woke up from it, my two cats were on edge looking around. But there was fucking nothing to be seen.
I kept telling myself it must of been a humming bird or something whacking the window trying to get in. I mean that’s the only thing my mind could come up with to settle the questions of what was it.
The days and nights kept going on like normal nothing much but a few squeaks and creaks of the house. Nothing that I would find unusual for a place this old, it’s been here a long time and has tons of people living in it off and on. I’m sure it has a few stories to tell, which I wish it could so it could've warned me of what was about to happen. Last week we had a storm, nothing unusual living by the beach and all. The wind was ripping and howling like crazy through the woods behind my house. I heard a few branches fall and break which wasn’t abnormal either, but what was out of place the scratching on my sunroom windows. I have no idea what caused it but when I heard it I rushed out to the sunroom flipped on the back flood lights and stood looking out into darkness in my underwear. Again nothing was there, again an unexplained sound coming from windows. That next day I went and bought a 9mm handgun as I already had my CPL. As I no longer though it was a bear but rather tweakers maybe?
Again days went by and nothing, not a peep.. Until last night my wife went to work like normal and I was up playing games like the nerd I am. When I heard the fucking banging on my bedroom window again. This time I left the lights off took the handgun and a flashlight and went right outside. I could still hear the banging, but now it was coming from the master bedroom's bathroom. So I got into my “snake mode” and snuck around the corner.. Nothing was there. Nothing but the over grown grass of my backyard. So I looked around and stood just dumbfounded when it happened. The knocking was so fucking loud, I looked up at my window and there it was. Inside my fucking house knocking on the window. I don’t know what the fuck it was or how it got inside but it was in my master bedroom with my guns, with my cats.. I could see it clear as day inside the house. It had a smile on it’s face, the smile is the one thing I can’t get out of my head. It shined white, it was just the teeth but the whole smile was just a white gleam. The body of the thing was shaped like it was wearing a dark robe, like a jedi.. That’s all I can think of comparing it too. I raised my gun and hesitated for a moment, and it was gone.. It was there but then it was nothing.
I’m not sure if I’m going crazy or if something, someone… is in my house with me right now. I’ve tried to call my wife and they told me she left a few minutes ago, so she should be home anytime now.. But I’m scared. Even with my guns, I’m scared.. I’ll update you guys when she get’s home. I plan on both of us searching for this thing.. I’m locked in my master room right now and I don’t plan on coming out until she gets here.
Update 11:33: I have no fucking idea whats going on. I'm sitting here on my chromebook and I just got a message from my wife saying "I'm here outside". I usually go meet her at the door so I ran out there and nothing the car wasn't parked in the spot.. she's not there. I'm so worried. It says she's online still. But she's not replying.


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