Thursday, March 19, 2015

So I've been using listia off and on for awhile mainly for some pokemon/yugioh and mtg. But I have also won toys for my cat, bluetooth keyboard headphones and flower seeds.. Oh and a pink DS that I ended up trading in towards my ps4. It's pretty cool, really simple. Do some surveys or watch videos ect and use the points to buy crap from other people. It's like ebay but you use credits instead of cash, you can even put your own stuff up for sale. :P 

I'm currently trying to get a shit ton of yugioh cards, as I doubt I'll use them.. I just want them.. So I'm doing it via listia. Surveys with autofillers take like 5 minutes to fill out and get like 500+ points. :P 

Do you guys have any fav sites like this? Oh and post what you have won/bought via survey sites.
On to my winnings!! 




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