Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So this is new news for me, not sure about you guys. I've known about Retropie for along time which is built to run off the Raspberry Pi. Which would turn your Pi into a retro gaming console, alot of cool builds have been made with this.

Now I find out that Emu-OS is being made, it allows you currently to boot it off a live disk or usb drive and has emulators already installed and ready to go. It works with a controller and man I'm flippin stoked about it, this project looks like it could have alot of potential. I'm currently downloading the ISO to give it a go on my old tower booting off a live usb. I'll update the forums and my blog on how it goes or if anyone else has tried it already please do post the outcome.

 ! Message from:

It is built around the Emulation Station software & allows you to play retro games without having to install anything on your computer, because it runs from a dual-arch Live DVD, or an USB-memory stick.

Emu-OS comes packed with a great collection of emulators, supporting a wide range of systems, including Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System & Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The ISO image contains software packages optimized for both x86 & x86_64 instruction set architectures. A game controller is required to use Emu-OS.

Head over here for more info & downloads.


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