Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lets start out with, Hi.. This is me Cykka Tron.. Or what ever works for you...On paper I'm a "White/Caucasian" citizens of America.. But in reality I have no idea what I am besides a human..

Now on with the blog!

This year I'm thankful for many things.. I'm thankful for so many people.. I'm thankful for my family no matter how crazy they are. I'm thankful for my wife because she's my best friend even when we fight.  I am thankful I am "white" on paper and that "my peopledon't have to live with the history of pain that Natives and Blacks and even "Mexicans" live with. I'm thankful that my "white" history can't really be traced because it was drowned out by twists and lies. I am thankful I'll never know what it's like to be faced with racism daily. I am thankful that I recognize that I do have white privilege. I am thankful that I love my Native brothers and sisters and all POC. I am thankful I want to learn the history of this land and it's original inhabitants. I am thankful that I regret what we have done to our colored brothers and sisters. I am thankful I don't have to worry about whites running up calling me a "nigger", "chink", "spic" and other degrading words towards races.. I am thankful that I can be part of change that fights against these terms even though my "race" doesn't have to face these horrible slanderous words. I am thankful that I believe different then most people in my family. I am thankful that I believe that in all reality the American government should be ran by the First Americans and not a predominantly white system. I am thankful that I have made connections with so many people who feel the same way or just want change for the better via the internet. I am thankful for all those who read my blog. I am thankful that I don't have to suffer like those who live in the lower income parts of the cities, because I live in a rural area.. I am thankful that I can admit all these things. I am even thankful for those who take this the wrong way. I am thankful that I wish for peace and love and unity with all people. I am thankful that I want this blog to spark converse and maybe spark anger. I am thankful for those who are out on the battlegrounds I am thankful for those who are on the battlegrounds in our own country those promoting change and fighting for freedom.


I am thankful I feel guilt for the wrong my people have done.


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