Monday, September 1, 2014

My Encounter With Win8
(Mind you I did this for free so I wasn't going to find other "harder" solutions)

         So recently a few people I know have had issues with Win8 and me being the "tech" guy I was asked to check them out/walk them through a fix, my only issue was....It was Windows 8. I knew nothing about Win8.. I moved from win7 to Ubuntu to Linux Mint then to JoliOS and now ChromeOS... I totally refuse Windows 8, it's a good "tablet style" OS for a touch screen computer but other then that I dislike the design and functionality of the OS. But back to the story.. My 1st friend, his computer just kept looping at the start and wouldn't load, and since windows changed the boot loader I had no idea what to do. I read through alot of Win8 help topics about the new boot menu so I had him try the repair option. When he tried to do the "repair" it just stopped and restarted the pc. We later found out this was caused by him manually updating to Windows 8.1. The fix was simple, "Refresh" but he had no idea how to do this so via txt and pictures I walked him through the steps to do a total refresh and then turned on automatic updates and baaaam no more issue... My second friend she installed a bunch of "games" and "shareware" some how or another and even though they where disabled at start up and then removed the explorer.exe kept crashing. So after reading 100+ pages on Windows 8 help forums and reading stupid ideas and "simple fixes" from Micro$oft "tech support" I decided to just refresh the computer on a whim and bam it fixed it.. Refreshing comes at a cost you will encounter data loss, I know this might turn most of you off from trying it but if you can boot in safe mode and save all your data to a usb or use a cloud storage to always back up your data you should have minimal loss. The steps are really easy, if you can get your PC on to the main screen and use the search all you have to do is type in "refresh" and you will find the option.

If you can't get your PC to boot 


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