Friday, August 22, 2014

The fact is we are all afraid. But, what are we afraid of? See, when you are a kid you think that when you get
older you wont have any fear. You get older and you realize you are just as afraid if not more so than when you were a little kid. The question still remains, what are we so afraid of? Every breath you take is one breath closer to death. Or should we look at it as one more breath to stay alive? Life's about questions. Maybe not finding the answers exactly, but just asking the question, whatever it may be. It is up to you to ask. Otherwise what are we doing? What is your worst fear? How can you conquer that fear? Because lets me honest, we should all face that bitch and kick it down a flight of fucking stairs. When you are out in public and people walking behind you start laughing. Do you think they are laughing at you? Most of us think this. But honestly, these people don't care about you or what you're doing or waring or what have you. My greatest fear is death. Not the dying part. But thinking that at some point I may not get to see or speak with my loved ones like I can right now. None of us know for certain that there is something after death. But I hope there is something. But the possibility that there is nothing but darkness is just fucking terrifying. I guess I will never get to face that fear. Well let's not say never because as you well know all of us have a D.O.D.



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