Sunday, May 29, 2016

I don't usually blog about personal things but I feel as a way to memorialize an amazing friend and pet I'ma make an exception. 

This cat right here has been one awesome friend to me.

RIP MAY 30 2016

 We got her from paws over two years ago believing she was 8. Found out she was more like 16 with the help of our vet. She also had arthritis in her hips but that never stopped her. She was diagnosed with feline herpes and also has kidney failure but she has been one of the best cats I've ever been around.
She hasn't been doing so well these last couple of days. She cant really stand or walk on her own and has been having alot of accidents. We are praying she passes on her own and in a warm caring house. But if she's still like this on Tuesday she will be brought into Raintree Veterinary Center and have to have her put down.
It kills me inside as I wish we had more time with her. I wish we could of got her as a kitten and spent her hole amazing life with us. But I know she has had a great journey she out lived her former owner and has met many different creatures along her ride.
I love this cat and will miss her so much. ‪#‎DontForgetToLove‬ ‪#‎SaveAKitty‬.

If nothing else comes from this other then me getting to say something then so be it.

I hope this also brings awareness to people on some of the awesome and heart touching animals paws has to offer. Go save an animal and let it into your heart the joy it will bring can't be matched. 


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