Thursday, April 28, 2016

   So last month we felt our house shake and rumble, me and my wife grabbed are pets and left in a hurry. We do this as practice and for safety as you never know what may cause a tsunami here in Grays Harbor. To our surprise that shake was not an earthquake according to experts but rather unconfirmed military exercises. You would think we as citizens have the right to know about testing but of course we don't so they will stay silent even though it happened in the middle of the day and many felt the shake all the way from Moclipse to West Port.

“We’re not saying the ground didn’t move. We’re saying that the ground only moved in such a small area that the energy is mainly being propagated in the air, not in the ground,” Vidale said about the initial report that there had been an earthquake. “Ground shaking from an earthquake with such intensity and duration would show up on many stations across the region.”
Vidale and Steele provided a recording of the boom at two stations close to Ocean Shores.
“My guess is the Navy was busy off shore, though the will never admit it (at least they haven’t in the past),” Steele said in an email, a reference to the periodic Naval warfare testing that has been ongoing off the Washington Coast.

   I'd of probably forgotten about that incident if it wasn't for last night. I was laying in bed watching TV and booom a rumble and my house rattled at about 12am. I instantly called my grandmother to see if she felt it, she said no but she was also half asleep listening to music. It was odd because again looking up info on earthquake sites brought up nothing. It seems the military base is testing again and from the looks of it maybe some new craft or sonic weapon.

  I'm just at a loss for answers right now, I feel a little less safe as the months go by. You don't expect these kind of experiences in little towns but this is where it seems to happen the most.

Anyone out on the wide web ever experience such a anomaly? If so I'd love to here about it.

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