Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So for awhile now I have known about "Jumpbutton Studios" but it seems they are making a big move now! Help them with this, be apart of something bigger and better! Show your support by going and voting for Turbo Finger Swipe!
They've put forward their project 'Turbo Finger Swipe' to compete, its a race against the clock that's pretty unforgiving. If JBS win their games will be preloaded onto a shipment of tablets and will also get a small kickback for each one sold. This is a great opportunity for exposure and funding for the near future and should help out a hell of alot if successful.

Voting is simple. All you need to do is follow this link, spend less than thirty seconds to create an account (no email activation, so it's all good to go ahead and make up some bs), click vote in the top right, share it on social media if you wish for extra votes and you're golden.

Go Vote For TurboFingerSwipe!!

 Swipe your way to victory in this arcade turned 3D action-packed thriller!

 ~ Survive ~ Battle against time, get points and sick combos as you fight to survive as long as possible! You wont be able to stop swiping in this intense, dynamic level. You'll need to develop ninja-like reflexes if you want to get far in this game.
    ~ Enjoy ~ Experience a stereoscopic-3D game unlike any that you have ever seen. This game takes full advantage of your screen's 3D capabilities, you won't believe the incredible depth in the level.     ~ Explode ~ Annihilate the level and reach new high scores with any of the Game's several traps including : - The Wormhole (Suck the tiles into a vortex instead of swiping them!) - TNT (Blow the crap out of the level!) Whats Next? We have a lot more planned for this game that we hope to share with future flightdeck users! This is only the beginning!



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