Monday, January 12, 2015

Earn Money With Your Social Media    Isn't that the dream? I mean earning money with social media, you're on it all day anyways. I could lie to you and say you will make it rich with what I'm about to tell you, but I wont. But I will tell you a way to make an extra buck or two by doing pretty much nothing just tweeting or posting or blogging. Theres this site called "BoostInsider" where you get "jobs" to post links or write about things and the more clicks/views you get the more cash you get. Currently the only jobs I have seen have a max of 10usd payout but that could be because I'm new still.

  My fear when joining these kind of sites has always been what if they hijack my stuff or sell my information, but honestly there's no real risk here. They ask for your paypal address other then that you could give them fake info and it would still work. But if you fear the worse then remember just use throw away info for my paranoid brothers and sisters of the internet!

So I guess all I can say is try it out, if you join with my link I won't lie I get some coins in my pocket.. I mean come on it's a promoting company and I'm promoting it!

So click and join!! :)


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