Tuesday, February 17, 2015

     This may sound like something straight out of War Games with a title like "Digital War" but this is real life. The digital world is always undergoing some sort of "war" like atmosphere. From government, major websites, to gaming the attacks are real and devastating to some. Most these attacks are carried out with DdoS attacks. A DDoS is short for "distributed denial-of-service"  these attacks can cause major shut downs of websites and cause much frustration to everyday users. But it can also bring "lulz" to others and that alone is reason enough for them to do it.

      I have embedded a real time "attack map" below for you all to check out. I will also be providing a link for you to check if maybe it's just your connection or if a site is down for everyone HERE. Alot of people don't realize they could be "attacking" a website inadvertently by being part of a "botnet". There computer becomes a slave to the master system and can be used to attack others without even knowing it these computers are called "Zombies". If you would like to learn more about Zombie computers make sure to check out Zonealarms post, "Is Your PC a Zombie?" and "8 Signs Your Pc Might Be A Zombie".

     Being as there is so many ways one could be infected it's hard to say if the security you have now could actually stop your computer from becoming one of the millions of Zombies out there in the wide world. I will also provide a site with 8 FREE botnet removal tools, mind you none of them are a garentee fix. Just because they claim you are safe and clean doesn't mean you are.. Make sure to get tested for aids.. I mean virus's, malware and so on and so forth regularly.


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