Thursday, November 20, 2014

___________________________________________________________________________________                                         My Only Real Reply To Anyone And Everyone                                   __

It's interesting to watch this "cyberwar" play out, sometimes you forget these are real people (Anonymous, Darren Wilson, Barbra, Mike Brown, and the protesters of Ferguson).. Please Remember people first....No matter what has happened or will happen think peaceful solutions!! All sides need to remember people are just people.. Even if the one side hates certain races it doesn't matter because as the "Christians" you claim to be (referring to the KKK members) you learn only god can judge and "Thou shalt not kill".

#NonVoilent #PeacefulProtests Remember those hashtags...

o one here at Ctronic condones violence of any kind please remember that...

I know some of you don't agree with me here but I just want it to be known this is a real thing and not a TV show for your entertainment, lives maybe at stack here....


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