Sunday, November 16, 2014

Anonymous Vs KKK #OPKKK Nov 16 2014

The Anonymous fever is active and spreading via twitter tonight after the latest Operation called #OpKKK. For the last few days Anonymous has been declaring war on the KKK because of the threats they have made against #Ferguson protesters.

The war cry's where tweeted and retweeted all through Twitterverse. The KKK responded with threats and even going as far as stating they will contact the FBI.. But that didn't seem to stop Anonymous from taking down a bunch of KKK affiliated websites and even upping the game after some taunts from the KKK's twitter account.

 KKK taunted Anonymous calling them "Wannabes", soon after Anonymous showed how "Wannabe" they are when they took over the KKK's main twitter account. 
Screen Shot After The Hack
I guess they didn't realize anyone can be "Anonymous" and not everyone is a "wannabe". The twitter for the Ku Klux Klan was soon taken over by Anonymous and now they are releasing statements about the take over tomorrow Nov, 17, 2014. Till then we wait.. We watch.. We get our Luls and enjoy this so called "cyber war" to run it's course.. And we all know who the winners will be #Anonymous.

Total So Far
Anonymous - IT'S OVER 9000 Luls
KKK - 0


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