Tuesday, November 11, 2014

There is a jail support team working to help people at protest sites such as Mike Brown,
VonDeritt Myers, and Kajeime Myers to process them out of jail when they get arrested.
We also raise money for bail.
IF YOU ARE ARRESTED you can call 314-862-2249 from jail.
Members of the jail support team will be on the phone, will contact your friends and family;
alert our team of lawyers and advocate for your release.

IF SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS BEEN ARRESTED please email us at join@organizemo.org
or call 314-862-2249; we are trying to get in touch with people in jail to advocate for
them, it’s hard when we do not know their names. Get names if you can. Please don’t
say names if you know streamers are in the area or if you are the one streaming.

USE #FERGUSONARRESTED on social media to spread this info but do not put names
behind the hash tag.

IF YOU ARE A LAWYER and want to help out, email us at join@organizemo.org

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SUPPORT TEAM, email join@organizemo.org
We will train you and the time commitment is ours less or more.

TO DONATE to the bail fund, go here "SECURED DONATE4BAIL"


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