Tuesday, September 9, 2014

 The title says it all, these two boys sure did take a piss or should I say dumped a piss load of doe urine on a piss ton of Walmart items. I found this story via Crimefeed.com and got a shit ton of piss and giggles out of it.. Okay enough with the piss talk on to the real story. Cody H (18) and Jon O (24) reportedly soaked a variety of items in doe urine which is widely used for hunting deer and covering ones own scent. The boys where arrested and charged with "malicious injury to property" which to me seems odd, how can property be injured? But who am I to judge I'm not the legal system. CrimeFeed reports,

" Two men in Oklahoma were arrested this weekend for something that might be one of the most bizarre crimes we’ve seen of late. Cody Hudson, 18, and Jon Ohlman, 24, were arrested and charged with malicious injury to property, after allegedly going into an Owasso, Oklahoma Walmart and soaking toys, fabric items, and even shoes with what was discovered to be doe urine."
I guess it's not all shits and giggles sometimes it's piss and vinegar. All I can really gather from this is these two wanted to have some good ol'redneck fun and take down a giant rabies infested buck called Wal-Mart. The damage they caused range from 2000-3000 dollars of property damage, or as they are being charged with, 2800 dollars worth of "Malicious Injury To Property".
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