Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sign Reads"Why Was Mike Brown Scarier Then James Holmes"

    So I was once big on the whole occupy thing, I went to Occupy Seattle (on accident) and fell in love with the idea. The idea was enough to have me hooked, I ended up going home and watching and connecting with people on livestream. I spoke to a lot of broadcasters tried helping set up a Occupy Everett, but in the end it failed to a point. A little has changed but not as much as we all wanted, the movement was washed and bleed by side movements and no leadership. It became a hipster haven that died with a morning sun and a nights rain. I then stopped caring about movements because the one I cared about most was so easily washed away and forgotten.. Not just forgotten but now looked down upon by so many calling it pointless. But I have been revived with the love for people by the Ferguson community, these people have spirit they have love.. They want justice and that's why I want to get back into writing about issues that truly matter in the world. The chants the marching the old the young they are fed up with the way they are being treated. I'm fed up as well, it's got to be horrible living how they have to live right now. The fear and the wondering if their child will be shot down just because of how they look. I can't say I understand that because I don't I'm a white guy from a small town. I didn't even know about racism for most of my life, but I see it alot now. I can't lie I've spoke ill of others too. I wish I could take back such things in this re-awaking but it's impossible so now I'm writing to you my readers to help these people in Ferguson in anyway you can! Make your voice heard, not just about Ferguson but about any abuse of power you see! About any racism not just against other races but against all HUMANITY! Don't sit and be blinded by mainstream media open up your browsers and find journalist that aren't sponsored by the powers to be. I'll even give you a link to some good livestream broadcasters! Hope you check them out!


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