Wednesday, August 27, 2014

There are extremists in all beliefs, but let's go back to the core idea of feminism.
Being a feminist doesn't mean hating men, it's being equal to them.
It doesn't mean not being a housewife and mother if you so choose, it means that we don't subscribe to the idea that just because your husband has a dick he can rule over you.
Feminism supports women who choose their life, if you treat your husband like a king and he refuses to treat you like a queen and you're okay with that, then who are we to decide for you what's wrong or right?
Feminism is simply the idea that on a hot day we aren't bound by shirts and bras while men run almost naked unbothered by society, but if we women did we'd be bashed for showing our bodies.
It's that we don't have to tolerate and accept sexist remarks because they're just "ill received compliments".
It's the stand we're taking to say that "like a girl" is just as powerful of a saying as "like a man".
It's this radical idea that we don't excuse boys and men degrading women because "boys will be boys". We believe men are just as responsible as us and can treat women fairly and just.
Being a feminist means that our belief is our breasts and nipples shouldn't be glamorized when men want to fuck us, but then condemned when feeding our children, being more comfortable, or present in public. Our bodies are not waiting around to please you, then to remain hidden until you want us again.

This is what we mean when we Hashtag #Feminism. This is what we mean when we speak about equal rights in 2014. I hope this can help you understand what we mean when we say we're a feminist.


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