Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some may have heard of this thing called Cloud Computing, and to be honest I love it. But there is something here that not many realize it's called JoliOs. It has recently died, so no support for it anymore :(. But it's so simple to use for a web browsing OS, it plays DVD's for offline, shows all your stream through your JoliCloud account and it can be used to share your internet wirelessly or through a CAT5 (ethernet) cable off your laptop/tower. JoliOs is based off Ubuntu (if I'm not mistaken) but you couldn't tell by looking at it..... I mean just look at it.. It's amazing, its pretty sad that they wont be offering any support or upgrades, but the OS is still out there for you to download! If your interested head over to https://www.jolicloud.com/jolios/download. But before you do that you should take a trip around JoliDrive (its JoliOs but for your browser) it's pretty cool too, I mean not as cool as JoliOs was.. But still cool. Check it out here at the main page https://www.jolicloud.com/ from what I understand the one and only true rival for iGoogle, which I have never used mind you I'm just repeating what others have said. I will now leave you with this video, so make sure to check this out!


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