Monday, June 29, 2015

Is America Going To Hell Because Of "Gay" Marriage

America was damned from the get go, it's a land built on murder and theft. How can people say ‪#‎SameSexMarriage‬ is what will cause the down fall and lack of god.. Those same people saying this are those who's religion par took in killing and brain washing ‪#‎NativeLives‬.. You people are so close minded it's painful. Look at history, God left this place when you murdered a whole culture.. God wasn't here when you enslaved a race.. God still isn't here and it's not because of "gays". It's because you the religious bigots who don't realize your God doesn't want you too judge and damn those who disagree but rather love thy neighbor but you can't do that because America and it's people are taught to hate, taught to damn those, this is because the ‪Main Stream ‎Christians‬ have lied and tried to change the fact we are not a christian nation with fear. 
In short the answer was NO

America is a land... America was high jacked and built on murder... American's are brainwashed by religion and the media. Everyone needs to realize just because something is legal doesn't mean everyone is doomed. If this country is doomed it's not because of same sex love, it's because of hatred that is brewed by those close minded enough to think other's actions that they don't even know effect them. If you couldn't already tell I support same sex marriage. Much love and thank you all for reading my rant. 

For those who came here on accident..

Why do you want to stop dooms day?

Don't you want to meet up with God in Heaven?

I'm just curious why you would fear the end of the world if you are such a hard core Christian? 


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