Thursday, November 6, 2014

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In school we learn things, we learn helpful things... I use the word things because none of these are very important. The way I was taught math didn't help me, it also changed every year. I had to re-teach myself how to "do math" correctly for my purposes. My grammar skills suck, which I partially blame on my education and my anti-establishment outlook at the time. But it really goes beyond that, I wasn't taught what jobs/ the federal gov would need from me as an adult..  I wasn't taught how to do my TAXES.. and now with that being said I think this year I'm getting fucked. I look at the taxes that have been taken out and it doesn't seem like the right amount, I have no idea how to actually tell if it is or not? I mean I guess I could online and do a google search... And get answers from other uneducated people.

 But now I'm left trying to figure out how much I'll be paying the FED back since it wasn't deducted out of my check correctly.
 Shouldn't this of been a mandatory class that they offered? But they don't and they won't and the reason is simple and I hope you stop and think about it. They don't teach it because then they wouldn't get the extra money for you messing up. We are taught things about our cell structure, plant life, and the war of 1854 (I don't know if that's even a thing).. Point is we aren't taught how to handle the system that we all bow to. 

We are taught about things that people have never heard of before. We are taught about rebellions, protests and wars. But if we protest or rebel we now face a war with the public. We are looked at like the terrorist and the criminals.. We aren't taught that those are side effects of our culture.. We aren't taught how to cope with everyday life.. The ant race.. Instead we are taught "things".. Things... THINGS.. that our so utterly time consuming that we don't have the time to learn a real trade early on.. We learn how to be obedient little puppets and follow the orders of the masters. We do the work but never understand why other then "college".. College is nice but it would be a lot nicer if we learned a trade before college with out having to go to a special trade school.. 

We get enrolled in "Public" school because our parents are told that's the right thing to do for your kids. But if we miss too many days we are punished for that, if we skip school we can get sentenced for that."

 How does that even sound like something you want to enroll your kids into??
"Have fun remember if you fuck up and miss school cops will take you away!" or on the other hand
even parents in some places can be taken to court for the children being truant.. Yet they still sign them up?

It's not mandatory for you or your kids to have to sign up for anything "public" there is other options!! It's a service offered by the Government. I believe I would of been better prepared if I had some kind of trade or schooling at home instead of public school. I've seen a lot of things at public schools maybe it's because I was a "bad" kid or something. But trouble and problems always seemed to be rooted in school itself.

We can always thank Horace Mann for setting public schools up like they are today..

So I offer my thanks to my mate Horace,

"Thanks dick ass."

That's it that's my rant.. I'm done. #Ctronic


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