Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here is the VBS download but below you can find the source.
Always remember this is for learning purposes!

Just save this code as .vbs and open the page you want to spam with the text!


set shell = createobject ("") strtext = inputbox ("CTron Got It Goin On! ") strtimes = inputbox ("100") strspeed = inputbox ("100") strtimeneed = inputbox ("2000") If not isnumeric (strtimes & strspeed & strtimeneed) then msgbox "You entered something else then a number on Times, Speed and/or Time need. shutting down" wscript.quit End If strtimeneed2 = strtimeneed * 1000 do msgbox "You have " & strtimeneed & " seconds to get to your input area where you are going to spam." wscript.sleep strtimeneed2 shell.sendkeys ("Spambot activated" & "{enter}") for i=0 to strtimes shell.sendkeys (strtext & "{enter}") wscript.sleep strspeed Next shell.sendkeys ("Spambot deactivated" & "{enter}") wscript.sleep strspeed * strtimes / 10 returnvalue=MsgBox ("Want to spam again with the same info?",36) If returnvalue=6 Then Msgbox "Ok Spambot will activate again" End If If returnvalue=7 Then msgbox "Shutting down" wscript.quit End IF loop


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