Thursday, May 28, 2015

Governments eyesight, 

got your mind on tight,
Fluoride, alright. 
Round up, we about to die
But CNN says I should watch out,
Because another riots insight,
But I don't buy it, 
I got the internet, you should try it.
Amen for livestream, 
Got me wondering how you all still live in lies, 
No wonder these people are fed up,
trying to protect their own lives,
well white america watchs with raised eyes, 
like they don't believe racism is alive, 
wondering why you must take it to a new level,
because the old is dead, 
we can't stop when the footings still on top, 
MSNBC is telling me its fine look at our prisons
behind bars got me wishin for a newer kind of vision,
less with the TV more with the freedom of you and me,
they say it over and over like its got through to them,
they just want this shit to be through with them,
let the powers that be control u and me,
like puppets we jump to the playing of strings,
Alright no more, 
I face up to the facts, 
It's harder for some then me, 
But I still wonder what the fuck how could this be?
I got you now listen here youngling,
Your mind is growing, 
your sapling never knowing, 
You must protect your roots,
For those will keep you going,


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