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"I'm honestly not sure what really went wrong here."

The Unexplained Files Of CTron Brings you "Creepy and Unexplained Top 5"

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The sounds in this vacant house are to be expected. The squeaking of the floors, the sound of little creatures in the walls. But behind those sounds is a slight unsettling sound that can be compared to breathing.

This sound no matter where you are in the house is there. Even with the headphones when listening to some audio recording taken just minutes before. The breathing can be heard next to me. I'm unsure where exactly it's coming from.  I have moved from the bottom floor to the top, back to the bottom and the breathing is still just steps behind me. But when I turn to look nothing can be seen. When I walked towards the door to leave this building a thump was heard upstairs........

It started with the *thump thumps* the sound just stops. Not just the sound of the thumps. But the sound of the existing world around you. The sound just doesn't exist.  The *thump thump* happens again. Once more *thump*...*thump*.... the sound comes back the lights flicker. Is this reality? Something seems a bit different, you can't pin point it. But something is off....

I'm left wondering if it's real. I mean is it real when time stops? Why does time stop only once the sound has been heard? Time still passes for me but the air stops vibrating. Sound doesn't exist. Time stops flowing around me. The world isn't as vibrant or moving but it's still active. When it comes back it seems like it's a different time in space. Like this place is misplaced.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Cribeas Track
Recently I have been informed of some strange activity in Ocean Shores. It seems there has been this strange sound coming from the dunes in town and in the woods around Oyehut. They describe it as a howl or a moan, some are claiming it to be a cougar others are saying it’s something a little more sinister. They claim this sound comes with a deadly price which is usually a dead animal of sorts! We even have video evidence of this creature below!
A lot of residents have contacted BFRO about this claiming it may be a big foot, but that won’t help any of us! Other are calling it “Cribeas” which is a unknown creature that has some locals fearing for their lives. The Cribeas as the myth goes was created by an ancient curse by a shamen. It was created for revenge on those who live on this coastal land. The story is shrouded by mystery and very few know of it. The people who have told me of this story are scared that this creature will be move from deer and small game to humans soon.
In one interview a local told me, “I saw it..” he was shaking but he continued to inform me of his encounter. “It was a four legged animal, not giant but not tiny.. It seemed to have little fear kind of like a deer with mange.. It had teeth that stuck a inch out and it ran .. it ran so fast..”. After that this local who we will call “Jo” didn’t want to talk to me anymore about this creature. Jo told me the less I knew the safer it would be but to expect to hear more about it in the future.. He told me I and everyone else in this town should prepare for a plague like none that we have seen before.
At first I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I guess maybe I didn't want to. As I listened and eventually witnessed, this "story" was completely true. I guess I will start from the beginning.
It was a beautiful fall morning in Western Washington. To be more specific, it was a small "town" called Baring. I heard some noises outside of the little cabin I was in. The night before there was loud banging sounds coming from behind the cabin, in the woods. I assumed it was a bear or a mountain lion and it would just leave once it got bored. The next morning I awoke alive to my surprise and I decided I could use a wake me up. I ended up in this little pub and asked about what the sounds could have been. Given that I am not from here I wanted to know what I was dealing (5)
I spoke with this old timer. Let's call him "Ray" at the pub. He said the noise I heard was a creature very few have ever heard and even fewer have seen. He said that this creature is humongous. And very dangerous and not at all docile. He said that he has seen it a few times. Because he hunts for all of his own food, so he is in the woods more than not. He said the creature has become known as "Marsh Hag". I chuckled at the name. And as I chuckled he gave me the most stern look I have ever been given in my entire life. The coldest stare you could imagine.
He said that he would take me to where he "Believes" its den is. He said he isn't 100 percent sure about it.He took me there the following morning. We see this shadow deep indownload (4) the woods. Right by a waterfall. I raced to go catch this "hag" because with a name like that who wouldn't want to bag this beast. Old Ray yelled for me to stop, so I did of course this man knows his stuff. He continued to warn me of this beasts ill temper and hunger for flesh. This whole time, I did not believe a word this old timer was saying and thought this to be a game.
As the night grew closer and our venture into the woods became more creepy we started hearing these indescribable sounds. It was along the lines of dubstep mixed with a horny 223128_d402_1024x2000toads crook. As we got closer to the sound Ray told me to slow down so of course I did, he pointed and I looked. It was huge. It was bigger then a small car that those eco-friendly nut jobs drive, it was a spider mixed with a frog. It's eyes were red as the sun is yellow and it's fangs where as sharp as the underside of a tongue lashing. Before I could move I noticed Old Ray left yelling,"Catch me if you can". I soon took chase down the hill after my old friend and by the time we made it out of the woods I had made a new life partner.

Investigated by +Z- Th3T3ch 
Hello weirdos, ladys, mothmen, and creatures from the deep. 
Oh and the occasional Sasquatchs.

I always wanted to be a paranormal investigator. My friends and I would always try and catch a ghost. But all I ever caught where odd looks. So I decided it's time we get serious! I'll be podcasting all my findings, all the weird from the beautiful state of Washington. From the curse of Gold Bar and the Marsh Hag of Baring to the Mafia ties of Ocean Shores.. and let's not forget the underground people of Seattle.

If you have a weird city or town let me know! I'd love to investigate. I've got some in mind, such as Mountain Loop highway and Montesano. These places all hide secrets that only the locals know, those born and raised with secrets of their own.

I'll have a rough draft released on Wenseday hopefully.

And don't ever run into this creep...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Well let's get started with this simple line of text, everything from this point on is theory. Nothing in this article is fact. Do not take this as fact, do not claim me as a source of proof.. 

The Idea.

So with the election coming up and the conflict with Russia seeming to be more and more in the media then ever before I have been thinking about a guy I read about John Titor.

John Titor claimed to be a "time traveler", but from my understanding he was more of a "dimension jumper".  For this to be true the multi-universe theory would have to be true. He claims he came from an alternate timeline from the year 3036 (I believe that's the date). In his time his United States became a power house who didn't have the best interest of freedom and it's people.

So a rebellion broke out, a civil war starts. 

From this civil war the rebels where born, they where fighting for the "people" against a corrupt government. Isn't this the age old tale of every nation everywhere at one point and time? Well here's where it gets interesting, in 2005 the war started the fighting broke out all over the nation, obviously this didn't happen in our timeline. But that's what is considered a variant, something that isn't the same.
So on with the tale, the United States was part of a thing called United Federation Empire. Could this be the "UN" of our timeline? I've noticed our military bases fly the UN flag now.

Here Comes The End

So as the story goes in 2015 Russia steps in. It uses tactical nukes and strikes key points destroying the "evil" empire. America has to rebuild and the rebels look at this as a helpful attack from Russia. Other things that where destroyed where the European Union, can anyone say the brexit of our time?
China was also destroyed, Russia became the biggest trade partner of the New America.

Could This Be Happening Now? 

With how Putin see's Hillary could this war be in our future? No citizen is truly happy with the choices we have for our commander and chief. With Wikileaks coming into the light of mainstream media and under attack because the truth must be silenced. Could this be it? Could the people start to rebel?
With Trump's stance could we become close to Russia, just to turn on them? Could Putin get sick of Trumps arrogance and come to the peoples aid?
I guess only time will tell.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We have all heard of Bigfoot in this small mountain town. But have any of you heard about the Curse Of Gold? The Gold Bar curse is a little known story in this day and age. The curse was put on the town by “Chief Sultan” of Sultan, Wa. Most in this town think that the noises they hear are just animals in the woods or the legendary bigfoot, but infact it’s something worse….
This monster has been called many things by the locals in Gold Bar such as “Skin Walker”, “Mishibizhiw”, and “Bigfoot” but infact another is to blame his name is “Larzgor”. Few have met this beast and lived. But I was lucky enough to meet one member of this community names “John” who informed me that he met this creature and lived. John went on to tell that since the experience he has a terrible time sleeping at night and has taken up drug use to forget about the memories. I begged him to tell me the story of his encounter, I ended up having to give him money for a “8ball” in trade for the story about his encounter. So with a slip of some cash and a needle full of heroin the story begins.
                                                          The Story Of Larzgor.
John was but a young boy maybe around the file3501334931345age of 13 when he met “Larzgor” as he so fondly calls him. He decided to go for a walk in the woods like a lot of people from Gold Bar do. He followed 1st Street all the way down and said he went onto some “private property”.
John insisted this was a normal occurrence in Gold Bar, and “private property” signs were meant for the cops not the locals. I nodded of course because who would want to disagree with a methed out hillbilly. His face was red with anger that I would even doubted such a thing. John insisted I dropped this notion of “privacy” and let him finish his story. So I let him continue with his encounter with this beast.
He told me he walked for half a mile before he started to hear things in the woods. He said it sounded as if it was coming from all sides. A horrible smell of rotten stale water and death soon followed, he insisted that water can go stale and that it stinks horribly. He told me that he felt as if he should of turned around but he kept going out of fear.
Then it appeared a beast like none he had seen before. He said it’s head was large and dog shaped but looked like something out of the sea. He claims it even spoke to him. He told me it spoke in tongues but soon he understood it word fofile0001173358771r word. It was saying, “Do not puff the dragon for the dragon she’ll never be caught”. I’m unsure what this could mean but he looked shaken when he repeated it too me.
I urged him eagerly to keep going, I must of frightened him because he soon fell silent. I then noticedfile000922417003 he nodded off so I took a line and put it under his nose.
I had to cut my interview short because when he awoke, he awoke in a furry. He began to swinging furniture around yelling, “Larzgor!! LARZGOR!!.” I made my way to my car with a new understanding of this town. I shall never shake this experience and I never want to.
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

This is my live commentary. Or well it was live, I mean I'm still alive just not live writing this.
 But I am writing this you know? Anyways here we go.

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