Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Could it be the hairy man himself? What else could be lurking in these woods?

Lake Sylvia State Park is 233 square arce. Its nestled up against another 5000 arces of Montesano City Forest. In this quite little valley you can find a lake and streams. It's a prime fishing location, but fish are not the only food source out here. Ask anyone around and they will tell you edible plants can be found around every corner.

Lately though it seems people are finding a little more then just brunch in the forest. We have had reports of odd grunting sounds and wood thumping. Some campers have even reported pebbles being tossed at their car. On one occasion a visitor we spoke with claimed he had a lump of dirt left on his hood.

Could these be signs of the legendary bigfoot? I'm not sure, but it maybe a good place to start looking!


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