Friday, January 20, 2017

Hello weirdos, ladys, mothmen, and creatures from the deep. 
Oh and the occasional Sasquatchs.

I always wanted to be a paranormal investigator. My friends and I would always try and catch a ghost. But all I ever caught where odd looks. So I decided it's time we get serious! I'll be podcasting all my findings, all the weird from the beautiful state of Washington. From the curse of Gold Bar and the Marsh Hag of Baring to the Mafia ties of Ocean Shores.. and let's not forget the underground people of Seattle.

If you have a weird city or town let me know! I'd love to investigate. I've got some in mind, such as Mountain Loop highway and Montesano. These places all hide secrets that only the locals know, those born and raised with secrets of their own.

I'll have a rough draft released on Wenseday hopefully.

And don't ever run into this creep...


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